Alert Center

Will your website be prepared if disaster strikes?
During an emergency, your website acts as a valuable and necessary communication tool for your citizens. In times it might be the only live and up-to-date resource you have. Enhance your community's emergency situations by using the CivicPlus Alert Center.

Benefits of having the Alert Center on your site:

  • Activate alerts through your website, not a third party vendor. You control the emergency updates through our Government Content Management System (GCMS).
  • Let CivicPlus update your Alert Center if you can't. Rest easy and know that if you can't post your updates, CivicPlus will.
  • We have the emergency alert options that best fits your website needs. Choose from a variety of different layouts and alerts to best fit your community.
  • The CivicPlus Alert Center if fast, reliable, easy to update and cost effective.
  • Post the types of emergencies relevant and important to your area. Whether it is an Amber Alert, a natural disaster or a travel warning, you post what is important.