Digital Accessibility for Local Governments 101: What Compliance Looks Like in 2021

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You have likely heard the term “digital accessibility” and know it is an important consideration when creating your local government website’s digital content. Better yet, you may have an accessibility compliance policy in place. Both familiarity levels are a step in the right direction for providing digitally accessible solutions for your community. 

Take it one step further. 

In this recording, our Accessibility experts discuss:
  • Important definitions, like WCAG 2.0 and how a visual, auditory, or physical disability impacts one’s digital engagement experience  
  • Digital accessibility requirements related to local government websites
  • Assistive technology and its dependence on accessible website content
  • Resources to help improve digital accessibility
  • CivicPlus®’s commitment to helping you stay compliant

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Your Host: Don Torrez

As a CivicPlus Accessibility Partner Manager, Don has worked with 150 local governments to improve web accessibility and learn how to best comply with law and guidelines. He is a Certified Accessibility Coordinator with the national ADA organization and has produced webinars and white papers in the U.S. and Australia. He has written a training curriculum on Web Accessibility and speaks out for greater awareness in electronic disability issues.