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Emergency Notification System

Alert your residents in the event of an emergency.


CivicReady is an easy-to-use, comprehensive emergency notification system that offers peace of mind – to both local governments and the citizens you’ve pledged to keep safe.


Why CivicReady


Quick & Easy

Simple enough to send a mass notification to all communication channels in under 13 seconds.


Responsive Service & Support

Best support and training in the industry, with live, personal, above-and-beyond 24/7 support.


Expert Team & Insights

The only provider with 20 years of experience serving 2000+ local governments.



CivicReady makes it easy to mitigate risks by ensuring your team and your citizens are prepared when disaster strikes. 

  • Streamline the planning and exercise process to aid in compliance with FEMA requirements.

  • Integrated with the notification system in CivicEngage. Citizens can subscribe to automated alerts that concern them most.

  • Always ready when you need it most. Enterprise-level hosting environment with Tier 1 support and triple and geo-redundancy.



CivicReady empowers citizens and team members with information and tools to respond to an emergency.

  • Giving you more control in any situation. Immediately deploy information about a new incident.

  • Confidently communicate with citizens, getting the word out through the web, email, telephone and social media.

  • Private communication features allow you to stay connected with your team as you manage the event.



CivicReady tracks and reports data that will aid your community’s recovery and reimbursement after an emergency. 

  • Enable your citizens to locate family and friends during and after an emergency.

  • Easily obtain the data needed to support your post-incident reimbursement process.

  • We are here even when you don’t need us, with 24/7/365, personalized support.



Backed by a team you can trust


CivicReady is a cloud-based product with hosting that offers triple redundancy to ensure your solution is ready and available when you need it most. Our team of emergency readiness experts will set the system up to meet your specific needs and our CivicReady support staff is available 24/7/365.  You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have the tools to prepare, respond and recover.

What you get with CivicReady

  • feature-icon

    FEMA Preparedness Content

    Educate your citizens on how to be informed, make a plan, build a kit, and get involved. 
  • feature-icon

    Automated Alerts

    Automated Alerts keeps your citizens informed via SMS, text, or email. 
  • feature-icon

    Emergency Portal & Blog

    Provide your community with trustworthy, up-to-date information through various channels.
  • feature-icon

    Social Media Integration

    Gather information from social media feeds, providing your team with real-time broader insight during an emergency event.
  • feature-icon

    Shelter Management System

    Provide citizens with real-time information about shelter locations and availability.
  • feature-icon

    People Finder

    Central location where citizens can locate friends and family during and after an emergency.
  • feature-icon

    Team Communication Tools

    Ensure your teams and volunteers are prepared with critical information when arriving on site to aid in the recovery efforts.
  • feature-icon

    Responsive Hosting 

    Tier 1 support and triple and geo-redundancy to ensure your solution is ready and available when you need it most. 

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