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Powering and Empowering Local Government

We empower municipal leaders to transform interactions between residents and government into consistently positive experiences that elevate resident satisfaction, increase revenue, and streamline operations.


Why Choose CivicPlus?

We’ve created the industry’s first Civic Experience Platform, which local governments leverage to deliver municipal services to residents in personalized, one-stop, and frictionless ways. Our customers tell us they now have an empowering, effective, and easy way to get things done—and positive feedback for their services is at an all-time high.


“The term civic experience encompasses every citizen-government interaction—positive and negative. It includes everyone who wants to participate on a committee and everyone who needs to pay a ticket. It encompasses everything from the roads citizens drive on to the process of running for election. Our job is to improve each of those experiences.”

- Brianna Sunryd, Town of Amherst Communications Manager & Community Participation Officer

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Developed specifically to enable municipalities to deliver consistently positive interactions across departments and services, the Civic Experience Platform includes technology innovations that deliver the three must-have capabilities noted below.

CivicPlus Pay

Intelligent Resident Portal

Personalized experience enablers for diverse interactions and resident needs.

CivicPlus Pay

Unified Service Center

One-stop coverage where residents access and staff administer municipal services.

CivicPlus Pay

Civic Efficiency Engine

Advanced technology that enables workflow automation, analytics, and reporting.

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