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ADA Website Compliance

How CivicPlus and AudioEye Can Help You Ensure ADA Compliance


Going Beyond Accessibility

Every citizen in your community deserves equitable access to your digital content. Web accessibility standards ensure content can be easily accessed by all citizens, which is why as an industry leader in local government web development, CivicPlus® has partnered with AudioEye, a leader in automated Web accessibility and remediation, to help our local government clients ensure their websites' continue to meet the latest compliance standards. The only technology-first digital accessibility provider, AudioEye goes beyond accessibility, to enhance the user experience for all website visitors.

AudioEye’s patented technology runs in the background of your CivicEngage® website to automatically detect Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA and Section 508, legacy, and 2018 refresh success criteria violations. Through AudioEye Managed, issues of accessibility are resolved as they arise.

Not currently a CivicEngage website customer? That’s ok, AudioEye works on almost any website content management system.

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AudioEye Managed

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The test suite automatically detects WCAG 2.1 Level AA Success Criteria and Section 508 (legacy, 2018 ICT refresh) violations. Subject Matter Experts conduct manual functional and usability testing using Assistive Technologies.

AudioEye analyzes and validates issues of accessibility. AudioEye engineers author necessary remediations to be applied through our dynamic remediation technology.

AudioEye provides a high-level summary of conformance evaluations and when necessary, a Source Feedback Report, with instructions for implementing essential source-code fixes from the client-side, to ensure clients always maintain control of their source code.

Achieving accessibility is only the beginning. Regular ongoing automated conformance evaluation scanning and continuous WCAG 2.1 Level AA testing is conducted to ensure compliance and conformance are maintained.

The AudioEye Certification shows your commitment to accessibility and lets all visitors to your website see that your community is committed to accessibility. Help Desk provides a lifeline to end users, allowing users to report accessibility and usability issues.

AudioEye Ally is a set of free assistive tools embedded in Ally Managed websites. These tools help individuals that may not have access to assistive technology or who need help, such as aging populations and individuals who have vision, hearing, motor, or intellectual (cognitive) disabilities, to fully consume content.

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Looking for compliance information?

View our resources page to get more information on digital accessibility, ADA & OCR-related violations,  and AudioEye FAQs

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CivicPlus has secured rates exclusive for its local government clients for an end-to-end solution. Plans starting as low as $900/yr.

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