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Applicant Tracking

Recruit. Screen. Hire.

Reduce the number of bad hires, increase efficiency and simplify the hiring process.

Easy and robust applicant tracking software for local governments.




Applicant tracking software that makes the recruiting & hiring process easy.

Save time by posting jobs to multiple sites, including social media – with just one click

Standardize your hiring process with easy-to-use templates

Ensure compliance and reduce risk of litigation

Hire faster with standardized metrics and access to searchable database of all applicants

Reduce your cost-per-hire


WHat you get


Career Portal
Allows applicants to easily search and view available jobs at their own convenience.

Job Management
Helps you create, manage, edit, and internally route all jobs and descriptions from one place.

Job Sourcing Metric
Helps you to easily report on the ROI of your recruitment resources.

Candidate Management
Helps you process, sort, review, and rate candidates at any stage, from one screen.

Dynamic Assessments
Build your own to help you identify highly qualified candidates – without the help of IT staff.


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