How Accessible is Your Website?

Get a third-party scan from our trusted partner AudioEye, the expert in website accessibility.

Free Accessibility Scan

Making websites that are more accessible to the widest audience as possible, is among top priorities at CivicPlus. We constantly self-scout best practices in the industry and have dedicated ourselves to continuous improvement. Last year, after working with many expert companies, we selected AudioEye as our ADA web accessibility provider.

Due to the priority of the issue of accessibility in our industry, local governments have been inundated with scans of varying quality, forcing CivicPlus to manually sort through issues to determine if they are are valid issues of non-conformance with Success Criteria of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and ADA-related requirements. Due to this challenge, CivicPlus has made the decision to exclusively recognize and address AudioEye website scans for web accessibility concerns.

It’s important to know where your local government website stands. By scanning your website with AudioEye’s patented technology, you will be provided with results that serve as a starting point for understanding your website’s accessibility status. Use the information to improve the usability and accessibility of your website.

The scan runs in the background of your site to automatically detect WCAG 2.0 Level AA and Section 508, legacy and 2018 refresh, Success Criteria violations. The results will look something like below:


  • Risk – A risk denotes a detectable pattern that may indicate a failure.
  • Error – An element has an error if we can accurately detect a failure to fulfill a WCAG 2.0 success criteria.

Conforming to the principles of WCAG 2.0 requires a balance between automated testing and manual testing. “Risks,” often require manual observation. Have your website scanned today and see where your organization stands. Free website accessibility scans are only for local governments, but you do not have to be a current client of CivicPlus to obtain your free scan.

Get a third-party scan from our trusted partner AudioEye, the expert in website accessibility.