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Automated Accessibility Remediation

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Automatically Monitor and Correct Issues of Accessibility on Your Website

Identifying issues of accessibility on a government website is only half the battle. Once accessibility barriers are identified, they need to be fixed. Then, the website requires consistent monitoring to ensure that any new content meets accessibility standards. Delivering accessible and usable content is an ongoing commitment to your end-users, and with the help of AudioEye, CivicPlus offers an end-to-end solution for digital accessibility, all while accommodating lean budgets and staffs.


“Accessibility has always been important to the county. But working with CivicPlus and AudioEye helped us to bring compliance to our online services in ways that would have been almost impossible without them. Their experience and expertise ensure that we don’t have blind spots and that we have the tools to incorporate accessibility throughout our website.”

- Sean Quincey, Humboldt County Deputy County Administrative Officer

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AudioEye Managed For CivicEngage

AudioEye For CivicEngage®

AudioEye is a comprehensive, managed solution. At its core is the Digital Accessibility Platform (DAP), AudioEye’s patented technology, which is fully aligned with WCAG 2.1 Levels A, AA, and AAA. The technology automatically checks for WCAG and Section 508, legacy, and 2018 refresh success criteria violations.

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AudioEye Managed For CivicRec

AudioEye For CivicRec®

Ensure that every citizen can equitably engage in your parks and rec activities from online sign-up to in-person participation. When integrated with our CivicRec recreation management software, AudioEye provides complete digital accessibility compliance auditing, testing, resolution, and monitoring.

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