5 Key Features in a Mobile Local Government Content Management System

Written by Rachael Walker

How many times last month did you receive an afterhours call from your County Executive requesting an update to your civic website? How many emails did you receive, before you even reached your desk, noted with an urgent status and all caps in the subject line? How many weather alerts needed to be sent out on weekends? Now think about the amount of stress you felt staying late at the office to update communications, going in to your office on the weekend to send out notices, or having to explain to leaders in your administration why a website news article just couldn’t be published until you were back at your desk.

If you’re ready to untether yourself from your office desktop and leverage software solutions that let you communicate with citizens anytime, from anywhere, then it’s time to look for a government content management system with a robust mobile app component. Read on for our list of the five features to look for in a mobile local government content management system. For more information on how today's mobile-centric society impacts you and your citizens, download our free eBook.


1. Calendar Access

Don’t overlook the importance of updating calendar event entries from a smart phone or tablet. Your community calendars are likely a highly utilized aspect of your local government website. Citizens expect online calendars to be up-to-date and accurate. A regularly accessed calendar that lists inaccurate or outdated information could result in a negative citizen experience.

Imagine the call your office will receive on a Monday morning from the citizen who missed the free community jazz concert because the time of the event was listed incorrectly in your online calendar for an entire weekend. Calendar updates may not take a lot of time and effort, but data accuracy is essential to a positive citizen communication strategy, and a positive citizen experience with your administration.

2. Access to Your Citizen Request Management (CRM) System

If you’re already benefitting from a CRM tool to help you receive, report, track, and resolve citizen-reported community issues and concerns, imagine how much you could further expedite citizen requests with mobile access to your CRM. Such access would allow you to receive, triage, and track requests real-time, and not just from 9 to 5 on weekdays.

The ideal CRM solution will not only offer you mobile administrative access, but will offer a mobile component for citizens as well, allowing them to report community issues on site as they observe them, even taking a photo, or plotting the location of the issue on a map as part of their report.

3. Alert Notifications

For communications that can’t wait until the next business day, you need access to create and distribute alerts to citizens via multiple channels. The ability to craft and send alert messages from a mobile phone or tablet, no matter where you are, could make the crucial difference in reaching citizens with actionable information before they are disrupted.

A CMS with a mobile app component allows you to alert citizens immediately via multiple channels about an unexpected four-way stop at a major intersection with the potential to disrupt holiday traffic, or about the issuance of a boil water notice essential to avoiding citizen health risks.

4. News Updates

When news breaks in your community, your citizens should hear it from your administration first. Mobile access to your government CMS’s news publishing functionality ensures your citizens read local breaking news from a credible source first: you. The most robust functionality will allow you to not only create news updates from your smart phone or tablet, but edit drafts or approve and publish content written by other members of your team.

5. 24/7 Support

Your community doesn’t operate from 9 – 5, which means you need a local government CMS partner with trained service and support experts available 24/7. No matter how intuitive the functionality of the CMS or mobile app, make sure you partner with a solution provider that understands your need for immediate access to back-up support, because when you have news to communicate quickly, you can’t risk waiting even a single hour for a return call from your CMS support team.

CivicEngage MobileAdmin App

The CivicEngage Mobile Admin App

The CivicEngage MobileAdmin app from CivicPlus® allows you to manage key administrative functions of your CivicEngage website anytime, anywhere, from a smartphone or tablet. This powerful administrative tool provides you with access to essential components of your CMS when you’re away from your desktop computer, helping you to execute your citizen communication strategy more efficiently.

For more information on the realities of a mobile-first society for you and your citizens, click below to download our free eBook.