Be Inspired by Great Government Websites - Meet Beaverton Oregon

Just Do It. Time to Reboot. Look Inside.These are the slogans of Nike, Columbia Sportswear, and Intel and all call Beaverton, Oregon home. These companies represent inspiration, inclusion, adventure and technology— the city of Beaverton wanted to live up to those expectations.


The citizens of Beaverton are a tech-savvy and creative group that propel their community to move forward. And the local government's website is an important part of this community vision.

Yet, Beaverton's website was dated in both appearance and content. With too few staff to handle too many requests local leaders looked to CivicPlus for a user-friendly system that would give the citizens the digital community engagement services they deserved.

With a new, dynamic website, the citizens of Beaverton are now able to participate in and inspire community growth like never before. 

Beaverton has embraced the spirit of innovation, trying something new... just doing it. And winning awards for Best Government Websites. Beaverton received a Sunny Award for having one of the most transparent government websites in the nation, and was recognized for having one of the top city websites with an A+ grade.

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