Keep Citizens and Authorities Happy With Citizen Request Management

Written by CivicPlus

Today’s local governments across the country are under increasing pressure to cut costs, stretch budgets, find efficiencies, and essentially do more with less. Now more than ever, local governments are in need of tools and solutions that can enable them to more efficiently meet their civic engagement goals using every available communication channel. The key for local governments, however, is to choose solutions that are just as easy for citizens to engage with, as they are for administrators to manage.

As revealed in a study by the Pew Research Center, less than 30 percent of adults take advantage of their local government’s digital offerings in order to complete common services, such as submitting and following-up on requests. Studies reveal that the most common reasons citizens are failing to take advantage of government-implemented digital solutions is due to the fact that the chosen tools are not intuitive or user friendly. As a result, citizens are taking their requests offline, which increases paperwork, phone calls, and walk-ins for local government administrators to manage throughout their already busy days.

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CivicPlus®: Citizen Request Tracking that Works 

At CivicPlus, we specialize in serving the needs of local governments, which is why we created the Citizen Request Tracker tool. We know that citizens demand a complete, secure, and easy-to-use portal, and one that clearly shows them the value and rewards of submitting requests online.

When a citizen submits a request through our tracker, it is routed to the correct department and can actually update citizens of changes made to their request. Since citizens can see if their request is assigned, scheduled, or completed, they receive validation that their local government values their feedback and acts on their requests.

Local governments that use the Citizen Request Tracker tool report decreased phone calls, emails, and walk-ins because citizens have access to a tool that allows them to submit requests any time from any desktop computer or mobile device. Administrators are also able to expedite the completion of requests because the Citizen Request Tracker tool includes functionality that allows administrators to send requests to the right department, or the right person, so someone specific is accountable for addressing the concern.

The CivicEngage® Citizen Request Tracker tool is the ideal solution for administrators looking to streamline their workflows and improve the citizen service experience. With the Citizen Request Tracker tool, local government administrators are able to do more with less. Citizens know that their government is listening and they're encouraged to continually engage with their government.

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Citizen Request Tracker citizen request management tool