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CivicPlus Releases New Mobile App Solution for Local Governments

Written by CivicPlus

The next evolution of the mobile experience for local governments and their citizens

CivicPlus® has announced the launch of CP MobileTM, a mobile app solution designed exclusively for municipalities. The solution unites access to CivicPlus’ suite of technology solutions for both digital administrators and citizens, streamlining municipal content management, and giving citizens any time, anywhere access to the local news, information, and resources they want and need.

According to Sascha Ohler, CivicPlus Vice President of Research and Development, CP Mobile represents a significant leap in mobile functionality in the local government space.

“CP Mobile is the next evolution of the mobile experience for local governments and their citizens,” said Ohler. “CP Mobile connects staff and field workers and enables citizen engagement. It eliminates manual workflows and administrative interventions so municipal staff can expedite citizen service responses and free up time for greater focus on strategic initiatives.”


According to Ohler, CP Mobile offers:

  • A consolidated, solution-based experience by providing integrated access to a growing list of existing CivicPlus solutions.
  • Efficiency tools for internal staff and field workers to increase productivity and citizen satisfaction.
  • Industry-leading, smart, mobile-first forms.
  • A robust build tool portal that allows internal staff of all technical levels to create and customize app content and interface designs.
  • A presence, location, and operational intelligence service that allows local governments to create a digital twin of their real-world objects for asset tracking and inspection, creating a transparent chain of evidence.
  • Continuous automated feature enhancements.
  • World-class cloud infrastructure and storage from Amazon Web Service (AWS).

“Government is going through a technology revolution, and so is CivicPlus,” said Ohler. “We have built our new CP Mobile solution on a modern, world-class mobile platform. It’s future-proofed and fully-configurable, which means our clients can be confident that they are choosing a best-in-class mobile technology to create best-in-class citizen experiences.”

Click here for more information on CP Mobile from CivicPlus.