CivicPlus Surpasses 2,000 Local Government Clients

MANHATTAN, KS – January 29, 2016 – CivicPlus, the leading website provider for local governments, announced today that more than 2,000 cities, townships and counties have chosen CivicPlus as their provider for websites, HR management and emergency communication.

In 2001, Owner Ward Morgan began the company with one client in Kansas and a handful of employees. Today, CivicPlus now partners with over 2,000 local governments to help them achieve more with less.

"We've reached a great milestone by exceeding 2,000 clients," said Ward Morgan.

"We are grateful for the partnerships we've made and look forward to continued success and growth in our products and services."

With the growth in clients, CivicPlus continues its commitment of providing exceptional customer service and innovative solutions. In 2016, CivicPlus will invest over $3 million in research and development to continue enhancing and developing solutions for local government. Within the past few years, CivicPlus has added CivicHR™, an HR management tool, and CivicReady™, an emergency notification platform to its offerings of cloud-based solutions.

"We continue to grow our customer base because of our experience and commitment to work specifically with local governments," said Brian Rempe, President of CivicPlus. "We have had many opportunities to move into the private sector. We have instead chosen to strengthen our solutions for the public sector."

The utilization of CivicPlus' products have provided local governments with the opportunity to reach over 50 million citizens with online digital services. In the upcoming months, CivicPlus will continue to push out enhancements to improve the user experience for both its clients and their citizens.


About CivicPlus

CivicPlus is a cloud-based solutions company working with over 2,000 local governments including municipalities, townships and counties. CivicPlus has been selected by Inc. Magazine as "One of the Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S." since 2011. To view the website and for more information related to CivicEngage™, CivicHR™ and CivicReady™, visit





CivicPlus is the integrated technology platform for local government, working with over 2,500 local governments including municipalities, counties, and municipal departments. CivicPlus has been selected by Inc. Magazine as “One of the Fastest-Growing Privately Held Companies in the U.S.” since 2011. For more information about CivicPlus’ innovative product suite, including CivicEngage, CivicReady, CivicClerk, CivicRec, and CivicHR, visit