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CivicPlus. The Integrated Technology Platform for Local Government.

Written by Sascha Ohler

What is CivicPlus®? This simple question deserves more than a simple answer, because we are more than a single solution company. Bringing tailored technology and deep local government expertise together in a powerful way, we deliver thoughtful solutions that improve the processes between people and software applications.

CivicPlus is the integrated technology platform that allows local government to run better. We allow citizens and businesses easier access to the information and resources that help them engage in their community. We enable local government administrators and employees to do their jobs more efficiently. We empower elected officials to communicate more effectively. We are a strategic partner, a resource, and an expert helping to innovate the next great evolution in local government technology.


The power of CivicPlus is in its ability to provide your community with one integrated and comprehensive solution to impact the masses. We’re connecting municipal employees and elected officials with the citizens and businesses they represent through integrated, time saving, flexible, and powerful technology suites:

 CivicENgage Bug.png

Design a Website with CivicEngage®

CivicEngage is an easy-to-use suite of web-based tools that enables local governments to evolve their web presence so they can inform and empower staff and citizens in more efficient ways.

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Alert Your Residents with CivicReady®

CivicReady is a comprehensive mass notification system that offers peace of mind to both local governments and the citizens they’ve pledged to keep safe.

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Hire the Right Person with CivicHR®

CivicHR is a cloud-based human resource software solution specifically for local government. It streamlines the hiring process, improves engagement, and manages employee data in a centralized, secure system.

 CivicRec Bug.png Manage your Parks & Recreation Department with CivicRec®

CivicRec is one of the most powerful software solutions available in the recreation industry. With an interface that is easy to use for both staff and citizens, and robust tools for managing your department.

Future Innovations

Advances in technology will provide opportunities for process improvement and automation. We too will evolve to ensure our solution meets and exceeds the needs of local government.

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