Five Common Mistakes of Digital Optimization

Written by Ben Sebree

Don't make these five mistakes when taking your administrative procedures digital.
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Ask citizens why they haven’t registered their dog with the city, signed their kids up for the town’s youth baseball league or read the minutes from the last city council meeting, and you may hear a common refrain.

“I don’t have time to go to city hall during business hours, wait in line and talk to someone.”

Digital optimization -- the process of taking paper workflows digital and enabling citizen self-service anytime, anywhere from any internet-enabled device -- has the power to change this dynamic. It can eliminate barriers to engagement, helping to boost municipal revenue and foster more informed voters. Local governments considering digital optimization must proceed with caution, however.  A rapid overhaul of established paper-based workflows could result in frustrated staff, confused citizens and lost data. Before municipalities embark on a digitization journey, they should consider these five potential risks and learn how to avoid them.

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