Five Ways Communication Managers Benefit from Mobile Access to their CMS

Your community doesn’t run on a nine-to-five clock. That means that unlike your counterparts in the private sector, you don’t have the benefit of shutting down your computer and going offline at 5 p.m. Local government communication managers are responsible for the dissemination of important local news and information, whenever that news breaks, even if it’s before 9 a.m., after 5 p.m., on a weekend, or even a holiday.

In today’s digital-first society, citizens expect on-demand news and regular updates on stories and topics that impact in their day-to-day lives. Thanks to advances in software development and mobile technology, one way that communication managers are staying connected when out of the office is with a government content management system (CMS) with a mobile app component. What follows are five ways communication managers across the nation are benefitting from mobile access to their government CMS. For more information on how today's mobile-centric society impacts you and your citizens, download our free ebook.

The 6 p.m. Traffic Jam

A multi-vehicle car accident has the entrance to a major highway blocked during 6 p.m. rush hour traffic. Five years ago, many citizens would have learned about it from the 8 p.m. news, or worse, they would have been stuck in gridlock trying to commute home. Today, communication mangers can alert citizens about the accident and provide actionable detour information even when out of the office. With a mobile accessible CMS that allows for multi-channel citizen communications, communication managers can inform citizens using a single platform and interface, no matter where they are in the community.

The Time-Sensitive Deadline 

Most communication managers in the public sector spend very little time in their office. Instead, they’re out in the community, meeting with the media, taking photos of events, and attending meetings with departments in other buildings. Such a hectic schedule can create issues when you need to meet a time-sensitive publishing deadline, but also need to be across town for a ribbon cutting ceremony. With mobile access to your local government website’s CMS, however, approved website content can be published anytime, from anywhere.

The Breaking News Story

What communication workflows do you have in place today if major news breaks in your community? When important news breaks, where do your citizens hear about it first? From the media? Communication managers who feel they are constantly racing the media to share breaking news can benefit from mobile access to their CMS.

Consider this scenario: The legislators in your community just voted on an important policy. You want to share the news on your civic website but don’t want to leave the legislator meeting early to go back to your desk. If you wait until after the meeting, however, the local media will likely publish their angle first. With mobile access to your CMS, you can create a news item, publish it to your civic website, share on social media, and email a link to subscribed citizens, all from your mobile phone or tablet, which means you can even leave your laptop back at the office.

The Immediate Mayor Request

You're on the subway commuting to work in the morning when the Mayor calls to tell you she saw a typo in the calendar event you created the day before, and she wants it fixed immediately. It’ll be another 40 minutes before you’re at the office. What do you do? You can’t give a co-worker your CMS log-in credentials, or maybe you’re a communications department of one. With the ability to edit website calendar items from your smartphone or tablet, you can make the edit and publish the update immediately, satisfying the Mayor’s request, and avoiding what could have been a stressful morning.

The Urgent Citizen Request

It’s a holiday and your office is closed, but a citizen reports a dangerous pothole impacting holiday travelers using your citizen request management (CRM) software. If your CRM is integrated with your local government website content management system, you can delegate and track the request from start to finish without disrupting your holiday plans.

CivicEngage MobileAdmin App

The CivicEngage MobileAdmin App

The CivicEngage MobileAdmin app was designed to solve these common communication challenges for managers in local government. The MobileAdmin app provides local governments with mobile access to key features of the CivicEnage CMS, allowing them to communicate important information when it happens, no matter where they are.

Click here for more information on the CivicEngage MobileAdmin app, or view the video below to see more ways that mobile access to your CMS can help you to create and distribute time-sensitive citizen communications anytime, anyplace.


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Rachael Walker

Rachael Walker

Rachael is a Product Marketing Manager at CivicPlus. She holds a Bachelor of science in Business Administration with a major in marketing from the University of West Georgia, and a MBA from Jacksonville State University. She has over eight years of experience in the marketing space, focusing on technology.