Recognizing Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Innovation and Improvement

Written by Don Torrez

Why we're building accessible digital solutions today and every day.
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At CivicPlus®, we are committed to supporting community leaders across the nation with products and solutions that help governments work better and better engage their citizens. We understand that ensuring all citizens are treated with equality and share equitable access to digital content is integral to that commitment, which is why we take pride in designing solutions and local governments websites that meet WCAG 2.0 A and AA standards.

This year, as we acknowledge Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), we know that there is still much progress that needs to be made in our industry to support the 61 million Americans living with a disability. That’s why today, we are recommitting to our promise of helping local government work better with a commitment to continue innovating, continue improving, and above all, continue listening to the needs of local governments and their citizens so that together, we can build the types of solutions that break down barriers, and bring people closer together.

What Citizen Engagement Means on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Engagement in your community is crucial. Reaching the largest possible audience is of the highest priority when trying to bring services to your citizens and bridge the digital divide among your citizens and your virtual community. Citizen engagement is paramount to what we do at CivicPlus, which is why we are proud to deliver the first and only truly integrated citizen engagement platform for local government, a key component of which includes our CivicEngage® and Engage 6 content management systems.

To ensure citizens of all abilities can use your local government website and access your digital content, we built the structure of our website design and content management systems to be WCAG 2.0 AA compliant long before it was a requirement of the Department of Justice (DOJ) as part of the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Section 508 refresh. Today, we continue to monitor accessibility guidelines as WCAG 2.0 gives way to 2.1, and as the standards evolve into the “Silver Standard” Accessibility Guidelines.

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Accessibility Remediation Services from CivicPlus

CivicPlus offers specialized accessibility training for local governments to help demystify WCAG technical standards and help all content creators, editors, and publishers learn best practices for engaging with citizens of all abilities within their communities. Our experts provide training on a wide variety of topics from strategic accessibility to understanding how to create accessible PDFs to mitigate the risk of ADA non-compliance fines. We offer virtual training, or our experts can visit you on-site for a specialized experience. Through our partnership with our accessibility remediation industry-leading partner, AudioEye, we can certify your website as WCAG compliant and integrate user-friendly compliance tools that allow end users to adjust their website experience to address their specific accessibility needs.

Closed Captioning Solutions for Public Meeting Videos

With our CivicClerk® agenda and meeting management solution integrated with CP Media, we can ensure that your live and recorded public meeting videos include ADA-compliant closed captions, for the 40 percent of Americans living with some degree of hearing loss.

CivicPlus clients who would like more information and resources to help their municipality meet and exceed its commitment to accessibility are invited to visit our CivicPlus Help Center. If you are not currently part of our #CPfamily and are ready to take the first step in achieving ADA compliance, click below for a free, third-party accessibility scan to determine if your current local government website is compliant with WCAG 2.0 A and AA standards.

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