Hello World. Six Best Practices for Launching Your New Municipal Website.

Written by Mark Friesen

After months of planning your new website, let's do more than launch it. Let's reengage your citizenry.

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It’s here. Finally. Go-live day. The day you reveal your weeks of strategic planning and design refinement to your community. It’s the day you can say the words that your citizens have been longing to hear for years: We have a new website. If you are launching a modern municipal website with citizen-focused self-service features, you have every reason to want to share the news far and wide. Plus, for an initiative of this magnitude that holds an implication for citizen tax dollars, you want to make a splash with your launch. No, you want to make a cannonball-sized impact. After working with over 3,500 local governments to help them redefine their digital presence and launch highly functional and intuitive websites, our experts have weighed in on the six tips you must follow for a successful launch. Get ready to bring it.

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