How a New Local Government Website Keeps Citizens Happy

In addition to providing essential services and solutions, local governments are also tasked with another, and sometimes even more challenging mandate: they must play a key role in inspiring keeping citizens them happy. Here are five key ways that a new local government website can be a big piece of this puzzle:

1. It Boosts Civic Pride 

An impressive local government website that reflects the unique personality and vibe of your community fills citizens with civic pride. It gives everyone a centralized (virtual) space to connect, share, and engage. 

2. It Increases Engagement

A new local website increases citizen engagement, which is critical for today’s public sector landscape. Today's citizens use digital tools to engage with brands, organizations, friends and family, and expect to be able to interact with their community and local government leadership in a similar fashion. Today's citizen uses social media platforms, such as Facebook, to send inquiries and messages; they use mobile apps for immediate access to information and to share photographs, and they rely on their desktop computer for transactions ranging from ePayments to document submissions. Citizens today are heavily reliant on digital solutions. By offering them digital tools that meet their needs, they will be more likely to interact with their local government.

3. It Improves Operations

Happy citizens are much more likely to access local government services efficiently and effectively via the website. This is not only a benefit to citizens, but it’s a major, game-changing advantage for local governments that are under increasing pressure to “do more with less." By adding form submissions, FAQs, ePayments, facility reservations, and other tools to your local government website, your administrative staff will benefit from fewer walk-ins, phone calls, and emails.

4. It Keeps Citizens Safe 

A new local government website can be integrated with an emergency notification system, which sends out an alert to citizens across multiple devices in the event of an emergency or other serious situation (e.g., a tornado warning).

5. It Keeps Citizens Informed

A new local government website can be integrated with an easy-to-use content management system (CMS), which allows staff to quickly update calendars, bulletins, news, event information, and more. As a result, instead of not even knowing that they have a local government website to visit, citizens will bookmark the website since they know it always contains relevant, up-to-date information about what’s happening in their area. 

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