How Your Municipal Website Can Encourage Local Business

Written by Deb McNew

Just like your local government website serves as an effective tool for encouraging individuals to live in your community, and work in your community, your website can be an effective tool in encouraging businesses to establish and grow in your community as well. Everyone will benefit when employers choose your city or town as their headquarters. Citizens will have more employment opportunities, greater access to more restaurants, retail, and other business services, and your community will grow and thrive economically. To start leveraging your local government website as a business recruitment tool, follow the tips below.

Include a Business Directory

Business owners will be more likely to want to do business in your city or town if they see that the local government administration supports, and helps to promote, local businesses. An online business directory not only promotes the local retailers that offer quality services to your citizens, it promotes your community to additional potential business partners who value an administration that can support their promotional efforts.


Integrate Job Opportunities

Your local government website will be a key source of job listings for individuals who want to live and work in your community. Work with local businesses to integrate their company job listings within your online job directory. Promoting available employment opportunities not just within your own administration, but within your community as a whole, proves to businesses leaders that you care as much as they do about local economic development.

Make it Easy to Obtain Permits and Licenses

Local businesses may be deterred from doing business in your community if they find it difficult to obtain information and resources such as permits, licenses, and development terms. By placing such details and downloadable materials directly on your municipal website's homepage, such as in the example below from Annapolis, MD, businesses will feel a comfort level regarding the transparency of your policies, and the accessibility of business resources that will encourage local partnerships.


Include Commercial Real Estate Openings

One of the key factors that will impact whether or not a business chooses your community for their headquarters, is dependent upon the availability of commercial real estate. By listing commercial real estate properties directly on your civic website, you can help businesses expedite the real estate search process, further proving the value of partnering with your municipality.

Post Bids

Enable contractors and corporations to work with, and for, your community by posting municipal bid opportunities directly on your local government website. Allow citizens to stay informed about future, relevant opportunities by creating an opt-in list for bid posting notifications. When business leaders realize the frequency of opportunities to conduct business in your community, they’ll continually value a partnership with your administration and your community.

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