Ideation: How CivicPlus Clients Drive Product Enhancements

Written by Jessica Marabella

Your feedback makes us better. Your insights help us grow. Your innovative ideas help us create services and solutions that make government run better. You push us to excel, to succeed, and to invent, and all we ask is that you continue to drive us forward.

At CivicPlus®, we work with our clients to drive new product enhancements and improvements through the ideation process.
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What is “Ideation?” Ideation is a process that starts with a rough concept or idea and moves it through a process to strategically determine if it can be successfully executed to the benefit of a majority. At CivicPlus, determining whether an idea has merit is predicated on whether we believe it will help our customers to meet their goals faster, and more easily, while benefiting their citizens.

How do I submit my ideas?

To submit your idea for review and consideration by our team of strategic engagement experts:

1. Go to the CivicPlus Help Center

2. Log-in to your account, and click on "Feature Requests"

3. Click on "CivicEngage® Feature Requests"

3. View the list of available categories associated with our products, modules, and features. Choose the category applicable to your improvement idea and tell us what enhancements you'd like to see that would make your job easier or better help you accomplish your goals.

What happens after I submit my idea?

Every idea is reviewed and vetted by the CivicPlus Product Strategy team to determine if it will help our clients accomplish their goals and if we can execute the idea at the highest level. If the idea is obtainable, scalable, and impactful, we will move it into production.

Small enhancement ideas and minor suggestions are typically placed on an upcoming quarter's engineering schedule.

Larger ideas, things like new products or modules, or more complex enhancements, take longer to analyze, plan, and execute.

What impact will my ideas have?

Many of the best product enhancements we've made over the years started as customer ideas. While not every idea is feasible, our goal is always to evolve our product to meet the evolving needs of our customers. In fact, in 2016 alone, we released over 30 product enhancements that started as customer ideas before moving through the ideation process.

Ideas in Action

To see what enhancements are already in progress, view our quarterly product roadmap

Thank you to all those customers who have helped us to define our product enhancement strategy in the past. Please continue to bring us your ideas for how we can work together to make local government run better.