Put Your Civic Website in Your Citizens’ Hands

Walk down the main street in your community and we guarantee you’ll see more citizens holding smartphones than not. According to, comScore, by the end of 2016, smartphone adoption had surpassed 80 percent of all phone owners. Your digitally savvy citizens are using their smart phones to read news, search for local events and activities, connect with friends and neighbors, and be entertained.

In order to reach mobile-minded citizens, you need to offer mobile content. That’s why CivicPlus offers the CivicEngage® Mobile app. With seamless integration, the CivicEngage Mobile app puts the power of your CivicEngage® website conveniently in the palm of your citizens’ hands. Updates to your site’s content are automatically synchronized to the app in real-time, meaning on-the-go citizens always have access to the latest content.

Making it Easier to Promote Your Mobile Experience

To date, more than 400 CivicEngage clients have made the choice to provide their citizens with the CivicEngage Mobile app. If you’re looking for creative ways to promote your mobile experience to your citizens, follow these promotional best practices, inspired by some of our most creative communities:

  • Promote the app on the homepage of your civic website to encourage immediate downloads.
  • Hang posters promoting the app in key community buildings, such as your library and department offices.
  • Include promotional slips in utility bill stuffers.
  • Hand out postcards at community events, and offer live demonstrations of the product’s functionality.

To further help you promote your CivicEngage Mobile app, we have released an enhancement that will make it iOS CivicMobile popup_PL.pngeven easier for citizens to find and install the app on their smart phone or tablet.

If your community has a CivicEngage Mobile app, the first time a citizen accesses the site from an Apple® mobile device, they will automatically receive a message prompting them to download the app.

AndroidTM mobile device users will also receive a prompt, but only if your CivicEngage Mobile app has a secure socket layer (SSL) certificate in place, and a citizen accesses it from an Android mobile device two times within a two-week time period.

Please note: while this functionality, which is defined by Android protocols, does produce a different push notification experience on an Android device than an Apple device, Android users will still be able to download and utilize the full functionality of your CivicEngage Mobile app.

Download the CivicEngage Mobile Fact Sheet

Deb McNew

Deb McNew

Deb McNew has been with CivicPlus since its inception. She began with CivicPlus as a trainer and consultant and over her tenure worked with hundreds of municipalities all over the United States and Canada. She now holds the position of General Manager for its CivicEngage division and is a Vice President and member of CivicPlus’ executive leadership team. Deb has a very passionate vision of how the municipal website can and will help government work better for the staff that work there and the citizens it serves. She works to push our products and services to be the best of class to deliver on that vision.