Replay: Top 10 Content Tips for Compliance and Usability


What you need to know.

Content is king on a website, but with so many users making updates, it’s easy for best practices to get lost. Don’t worry – we can help get your content back on track. This webinar provides the top 10  content tips to help you address compliance and usability. Gain practical advice that you can implement on your website today. Learn insights and advice from our content expert, Jessica Jones, Manager of Content Operations at CivicPlus.


Video Timeline Information

3:13 Tip 1: Users need to know where they are going

7:47 Tip 2: Break up page sections/topics with headings

10:00 Tip 3: The purpose of links can be determined in context

13:46 Tip 4: Only use tables when the information fits under the header cells appropriately

16:54 Tip 5: Do not depend on only color to relay information

18:42 Tip 6: Do not use symbols or abbreviations as they will not translate well

21:21 Tip 7: Know your audience. Do not use jargon and think of the average user

23:00 Tip 8: Use descriptive alt text for images

25:18 Tip 9: Use consistent navigation techniques and placement of other important items

28:07 Tip 10: Do not use flashing elements

31:20 Q&A Begins



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