SendSmarts | Make Your Email Communication Fun

chiliEmail is a proven method for reaching citizens and cultivating long-term relationships with them. The big question is how can you capitalize on email’s best features to grow your opt-in lists… and make it valuable or entertaining at the same time? Meet Pueblo, Colorado and their city-wide chile hunt!

Pueblo was looking for a way to send visually-interesting emails to their citizens with a request to opt-in for community messaging. But in today’s world, most citizens receive hundreds of emails in their inboxes each day, so the leaders of Pueblo realized they needed to make this campaign fun if they were going to gain participation.

Enter the Pueblo Chile Hunt. The team created a city-wide scavenger hunt. Participants were asked to register via the community website and the CivicSend tool was used to send the clues to the players via email, text, and social media (yep, all in one easy-to-manage platform). What an excellent way to get citizens involved – who doesn't love a great scavenger hunt?!

Finding fun approaches to digital community engagement can be an easy way to grow interest and participation in local events and encourage interaction on your website. Just make sure your email communication is eye-catching, relevant, and includes a call-to-actionat the end (i.e., tell them what you want them to do).

Would you like some ideas on how to create visually-rich emails for your citizens? The CivicSend tool from CivicPlus can do this plus so much more  –  see how today.

Let’s hear from you! Do you have any fun contests in your community where citizens can actively participate? How do you get the word out? 



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