Why City Governments Don't Need to Hire a Security Expert

Written by Jim Flynn

Smart cities are looking outside their administrative offices for expertise in civic data security.


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According to the 2018 GovTech Digital Cities Survey, cybersecurity and citizen engagement top city chief information officers’ lists for the top technologies and initiatives they intend to focus on in the coming year. Given the cybersecurity skill gap local governments face, in tandem with budget constraints, smart cities are looking outside their administrative offices for expertise and partnerships that will allow them to ensure the greatest citizen and civic data security, without taking on the burdensome administration of internal hosting and cyberthreat monitoring.

The Benefits of External Security Hosting

Smart cities that choose to outsource their cybersecurity and hosting benefit from less strain on existing staff, a reduced vector footprint, less exposure to other vital infrastructure and systems, and they can refocus their hiring strategy so as not to require dedicated funding to a single cybersecurity internal resource.

City governments that outsource their hosting to a trusted partner also benefit from:

Local government CIOs that outsource their hosting also benefit from having time to focus on  identifying a content management solution that will enable them to achieve their second top priority: enhancing citizen engagement in an era of digital transformation.

Choosing a Website Hosting Solution Partner

For local governments seeking partnership with website vendors, it's crucial to gather information about the vendor's hosting, security, and data center. Often, municipalities choose to personally host their websites and combine them with their phone, email, and financial systems all on their internal network. However, when one item comes under cyberattack, it becomes easier to bring down all other systems on that same network. Having a secured hosting facility for your website ensures that your information is protected no matter where your municipality is located.

What to Look for in a Third-Party, Website Host

When choosing a partner to host your valuable civic and citizen data, keep the following requirements in mind:

  • A highly reliable data center in a highly secure facility
  • Managed network infrastructure
  • On-site power backup and generators
  • Multiple telecom/network providers
  • A fully redundant network
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • Automated software updates
  • Service management and monitoring
  • Multi-tiered software architecture
  • SOC 2 Compliance
  • Regular service software and database server updates and security patches
  • Anti-virus management and updates
  • Redundant firewall solutions
  • PCI Compliance
  • A disaster recovery plan that includes emergency 24/7 support
  • A defined DDoS mitigation attack process and continuous DDoS mitigation coverage

Why Cities Should Choose CivicEngage® as Their Trusted Website Hosting and Security Provider

CivicPlus® is the trusted leader in cybersecurity for local government, having successfully mitigated a number of threats. We let our clients focus on what they do best: serving the needs of their communities. We invest nearly $4 million annually on cybersecurity to monitor and reduce the risks that local governments are facing and have teamed up with local and federal enforcement agencies to share information.

The benefits of our investment include the ability to offer 99.9% up-time in a tier II data center that is fully redundant. With multiple network providers, burst band-width, and live 24/7/365 emergency support, we’re working hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing security landscape.

We offer disaster recovery via geographically diverse data centers and defined RTO and RPO to provide you options in determining the security posture you want to implement for your community. Visit our website for more information regarding our security service.