Why Modern Cities Should Migrate to an HCMS

Written by Ben Sebree

Learn why modern cities are using HCMS technology to engage their citizens.

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As local government’s budgets shrink and the public sector continues to lose talent to the private sector, local governments are challenged to do more with less. There is a new facet to the quagmire that is now applying even more pressure to already strained teams: the growth of new, emerging digital communication channels, and citizens’ expanding desire for meaningful, impactful, seamless interactions with private and public sector entities.

For modern cities, merely having a highly functional civic website and a hyper-local mobile application is no longer enough. Today’s citizens want push notifications on their smartphones, news updates from their personal home assistants, and more convenient ways to interact with civic leaders, ask questions, gain insights, complete civic-related tasks, and stay informed. With fewer staff resources than ever before, how can local governments manage to meet citizen needs in light of the ever-expanding universe of digital communication tools, and the emergence of a services-first content model?

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