CivicPlus Acquires SeeClickFix 311 Citizen Request and Work Management Software

Convenient. Integrated. Yours. Introducing the New CivicPlus Platform.

Written by Sascha Ohler

Introducing the Integrated Technology Platform that Powers Local Government.
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Managing a community is a tremendous responsibility. It requires the collaboration and synchronization of hundreds—even thousands of people—across departments, disciplines, and physical locations. With each municipal employee playing an essential role in your city or county’s success, you need to unite resources, systems, and tools so that every investment is working as hard as you do to provide your citizens with an exceptional experience at every interaction and shape your community’s long-term success.

The Disconnected Technology Dilemma

You have invested in a multitude of technology solutions over the years in an effort to drive internal efficiencies and shape the citizen experience, yet many of these systems are siloed, which forces your employees to duplicate efforts and creates a disjointed and dissatisfying citizen experience. Integrating your technology is the obvious answer, but integration is cumbersome and time-consuming and to add to that, not all the applications you use are built in a way that allows for easy extensibility.   

At CivicPlus we believe that seamless integration of technology and processes are at the core of a highly efficient and high performing organization. Please note that we specifically call out both technology and process. We believe that technology is great (we are a software company after all), but by itself it only solves half the problem. Process is the connective tissue that binds together disparate systems and the many, hard-working people delivering great service to your citizens. That’s why we decided to take a fresh approach and are focusing our efforts on delivering the Single, Integrated Technology Platform for Local Government.

In working with 2500+ local government clients, CivicPlus has witnessed the inefficiencies caused by the “old way of doing things” and we have been able to work with our clients to solve problems by taking a holistic approach, one that combines our best of breed technology solutions with the process expertise earned through serving the local government community for the past 20 years. As the integrated technology platform for local government, CivicPlus is committed to writing a new narrative for how local government processes integrate and function. 

CivicPlus reduces the need for duplicative steps by offering one solution to reach across your organization’s multiple applications. The CivicPlus platform connects CivicPlus product suites including CivicEngage®, CivicReady®, and CivicRec®, and provides an avenue for you to connect your other products or applications through APIs. Common applications such as Google and Outlook calendars, Facebook, and Twitter can easily communicate via our fully integrated Zapier connections, and our user dashboard provides easy access to the CivicPlus Help Center for product information and solution best practices from our service experts.

Think of CivicPlus as a central hub from which to manage and monitor your workflows, messaging, payments, reports, APIs, and other cross-application functionality. With CivicPlus, your city or county government will reduce staff time spent on administrative tasks by eliminating steps between systems. You’ll eliminate the hassles of multiple sign-ons and reduce the need for redundant data entry. We afford your organization the transparency and visibility to do your work more efficiently by offering an integrated technology solution for all your systems.

Through the included, multi-factor-ready single sign on (SSO) functionality, users will be able to effortlessly toggle between the CivicPlus software systems for which they have administrative access rights. As we add future CivicPlus products and additional third-party applications that are integrated into our continually evolving CivicPlus Platform, access to those solutions will also be available via SSO.

Evolving at the Pace of Local Government

As the integrated technology platform for local government, CivicPlus is committed to continually enhancing the usability and functionality of our overall product portfolio so you can be confident that we will meet our goal—of helping you meet yours.

The CivicPlus Platform Integrated Solution for Local Governments