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Written by CivicPlus

Learn how to better engage and service your citizens with a modern 311 and citizen request management solution.

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Today’s local governments across the country are under increasing pressure to cut costs, stretch budgets, find efficiencies, and essentially do more with less. Now more than ever, local governments are in need of tools and solutions that can enable them to more efficiently meet their civic engagement goals using every available communication channel. The key for local governments, however, is to choose solutions that are just as easy for citizens to engage with, as they are for administrators to manage.

As revealed in a study by the Pew Research Center, less than 30 percent of adults take advantage of their local government’s digital offerings in order to complete common services, such as submitting and following-up on requests. Studies reveal that the most common reasons citizens are failing to take advantage of government-implemented digital solutions is due to the fact that the chosen tools are not intuitive or user friendly. As a result, citizens are taking their requests offline, which increases paperwork, phone calls, and walk-ins for local government administrators to manage throughout their already busy days.

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CP Connect™ 311 and Citizen Request Management

At CivicPlus, we specialize in serving the needs of local governments, which is why we offer a modern 311 and citizen request management solution. We know that citizens demand a complete, secure, and easy-to-use portal, and one that clearly shows them the value and rewards of submitting requests online.

Today's citizens no longer accept one-way forms of engagement and their busy lifestyles mean barriers to traditional forms of service requests. In order to service today’s citizens local governments must accommodate a multichannel citizen service request strategy that leverages email, social media, phone calls, text messages, and walk-ins, but that strategy must be backed by workflows and processes that make managing and responding to multiple channels streamlined and simplified. 

Where most 311 and Citizen Request Management Solutions only accommodate one form of citizen request submission, CP Connect allows local governments to use a variety of convenient channels to capture and respond to citizen needs. It serves as  a centralized hub to manage and monitor all citizen communications, easily allowing local government leaders to distribute tasks to the appropriate department and facilitate responses to ensure citizens feel their local leaders are accessible and responsive.

Our CP Connect solution has been specifically designed to enable local governments to:

  • Manage all communications from a single inbox
  • Easily convert communications into service requests
  • Manage and monitor macro trends in community issues
  • Document all individual citizen touchpoints from a single interface