CP Connect Releases Intelligent Analytics Functionality

Written by Kelly Cook

Insightful and impactful analytics now from CP Connect.


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CP ConnectTM was designed to be more than a 311 and citizen request management system. It is the only 311 and CRM to incorporate citizen engagement functionality so you can better understand and monitor citizen sentiments surrounding local topics of interest, initiatives, and civic projects. With our latest data analytics functionality, you have access to the quantifiable data you need to streamline administrative operations and make informed policy decisions.

Insightful and Actionable Analytics

CP Connect helps you better understand your citizen communication needs, service request improvement opportunities, and topics of citizen interest and concern. Reporting options include:


  • Number of messages received
  • Number of messages sent
  • Average response time
  • Communications per day bar chart
  • Response timeline graph
  • Communications by channel, incoming and outgoing, pie charts
  • Top tags used on communication threads
  • Response times per staff member
  • List of all communications for the time period selected and detailed data

Service Requests

  • Number of service requests opened
  • Average time-to-close
  • Number of closed service requests
  • Service requests count per day, line graph
  • Top tags used on service requests pie chart
  • List of all service requests for the time period selected and detailed data

Community Issues

  • Number of new community issues
  • Number of new comments on community issues
  • Average positive sentiment (percent)
  • New community issues line graph
  • New comments on community issues line graph
  • Top tags used for community issues, pie chart
  • List of all community issues for the time period selected and detailed data

The following functionality is available on each report:

  • Run reports for custom time periods
  • Export to CSV or PDF
  • Hover over data points on charts for value or additional information
  • View reports in Presentation Mode / Slide Show Mode
  • Sort columns to view data in a different order

Streamlined Request Management

To further simplify request management, CP Connect now allows administrators to combine related citizen requests. If multiple citizens report the same issue or repair, CP Connect can bucket all citizen reports of the topic under one service request. This feature helps to reduce duplicate service requests and easily allows you to analyze how many times a problem has been reported.