SeeClickFix Most Engaged and Most Responsive Local Governments of Q2 2019

Written by CivicPlus

The small, medium, large, and metro communities making the biggest impact with SeeClickFix.
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Cheers to the residents and local government officials working together, building relationships and getting things done to improve the quality of life in our communities!

Here are the most engaged communities — where the highest number of non-emergency requests were made via SeeClickFix and the most responsive local governments — closed the most SeeClickFix requests in the second quarter of 2019.

Check out the 4 population brackets below:

  • Small Communities (under 10,000 residents)
  • Medium Communities (10,000–50,000 residents)
  • Large Communities (50,000–150,000 residents)
  • Metro Communities (over 150,000 residents)





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