SeeClickFix’s Top Fixers of 2019

Written by Cari Tate

In 2019, SeeClickFix clients closed over 1.1 million citizen requests.
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In 2019, SeeClickFix clients were incredibly productive, collectively closing just over 1.1 million requests. That’s up 10 percent from the year before. Below are the Top 10 Fixers grouped by population band and ranked by number of issues closed per capita.

#1 Ranked Population <10k: Bayside, WI

A SeeClickFix client since 2017, the Village of Bayside, WI takes top honors in the under 10k population category. Lead by Village Manager, Andy Pederson, village staff had an outstanding 2019. The stats below reflect the village staff’s hard work engaging residents and managing public service requests.

  • 2,280 Requests Opened
  • 2,020 Requests Closed
  • 0.72 Average Days to Acknowledge
  • 7.4 Average Days to Close


#1 Ranked Population 10k — 150k: Hoover, AL

The City of Hoover, AL takes top honors in the 10k — 150k population category. The city launched SeeClickFix in 2018 and came out strong. Lead by Administrative Services Supervisor, Robin Mangino, city staff had an outstanding 2019. The numbers below reflect their hard work getting residents onboard, training staff, and getting the work done.

  • 17,401 Requests Opened
  • 16,680 Requests Closed
  • 0.2 Average Days to Acknowledge
  • 11 Average Days to Close



#1 Ranked Population +150k: Oakland, CA

Longtime public service superstars, the City of Oakland, CA takes top honors in the over 150k population category. Congratulation to Technology Program Manager, John McCabe, and city staff for another outstanding year. Dubbed the “Bright Side of the Bay” the city is always finding novel ways to use SeeClickFix data to improve the quality of life for Oakland’s citizens.

  • 90,598 Requests Opened
  • 71,985 Requests Closed
  • 0.12 Average Days to Acknowledge
  • 13.19 Average Days to Close



Top New Features from 2019

“Resources” Put Numbers on the Work You Do

How much did you spend last year fixing potholes or replacing stop signs or removing trees? How long did it take? How many materials were used? At some point, you’ll need to know. And now, with the addition of “Resources”, you can.

Unlimited Internal “Requester” Role

Do you have employees that only need to make internal requests and don’t need access to SeeClickFix’s backend? We created a new role for this use case that doesn’t require a paid user license.

Web Portal

The first place a resident goes when encountering a problem is a municipality’s website. And the first experience they have should be simple, accurate, engaging, and showcase public services. Finally, it needs to work great on mobile phones and fit seamlessly into your website. That’s why we redesigned our integration into your website.

Single Sign-On Integration

Sign sign-on lets IT Managers develop one source for user identity that’s highly secure, easily managed, and can be used for external authentication in applications like SeeClickFix.

Fully Redesigned Android App

SeeClickFix’s redesigned Android app earns 4.6 stars in Google Play. Not too shabby. The latest version took a fresh look at user reporting to make it as intuitive and information-rich as possible.
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