3 Benefits of Adding HR Software for Local Government to Your HR Stack

Written by Jonathan Wiersma

Advances in technology are changing the way we live our lives and accomplish our key job functions. From the way we manage our time, to the way we create and send correspondence, to the way we manage and analyze data, technology solutions are proven to help us do our jobs faster, easier, and in most cases better. Human resources (HR)—especially in the public sector—remains a business function that too often is understaffed and overburdened. HR mangers need every tool and capability available to help them to streamline workflows and speed hiring.

What’s in Your HR Stack?

Your HR stack is the suite of installed, cloud-based, or homegrown software tools and systems you use to manage your hiring and personnel responsibilities. Your HR stack includes solutions for payroll and benefits management (which you’re likely using today), yet too many HR professionals in the public sector are missing a significant opportunity in their HR stack: an integrated suite to track applicants, onboarding, and performance management.

If you’re not already taking advantage of HR software for local government, you’re missing out. A robust HR stack will help you recruit, hire, onboard, and evaluate the highest quality candidates in your community while saving you time and improving the quality of your work. There are three key benefits of adding HR software to your HR stack. Read on to learn how such solutions can increase your productivity and save you time.

Faster Hiring with Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)

If you’re using a massive Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to track applicant data, it’s time to implement an ATS. Not only do spreadsheets risk a potential breach of personal applicant data, a corrupt file means lost information, a violation of federal record retention requirements, a crippled recruitment process, and a massive headache. If you’re thinking you’re protected from a lost or corrupt spreadsheet because you maintain a complicated system of backup files, then you’re living a version control nightmare.

ATS solutions help local government HR managers to more efficiently receive, screen, track, and hire job candidates, while effectively communicating and collaborating with hiring departments. By automating aspects of the documentation, application routing, candidate communication, and job posting processes, human resource departments of any size can fill open positions faster, and with highly qualified candidates.

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More Productive and Satisfied Hires with an Onboarding Management Component

A smooth onboarding for new employees can immediately improve their comfort level in your organization and ensure they are more quickly impactful in their new role. If your current onboarding process involves an expectation that your department managers are properly integrating and training new hires, you may be surprised to learn not only that some new hires are missing critical immersion and training opportunities, but that your department managers aren’t aware that they’ve missed important steps or could be doing more.

To ensure new hires are properly onboarded and set up for success in their new roles, your HR stack needs an integrated onboarding solution. Onboarding software that is synchronized with your ATS saves you time by eliminating duplicative data entry. It also allows for a timely and smooth transition of new hires from applicant to employee. An ideal onboarding solution streamlines your workflows by eliminating paper forms and offering a digital documentation collection and storage solution. It should also offer 30, 60, and 90-day survey capabilities to allow you to determine opportunities to improve your onboarding processes at the department or municipality level.

Effective Onboarding Leads to Job Satisfaction and Better Retention 30-day Checklist and eBook

Performance Management

Your employees—especially the most valuable goal-oriented employees— want and need feedback. They want their opportunity to hear their manager confirm the areas where they excel, and give them opportunities to continue to grow. Municipalities and administrations that don’t offer thorough, well-managed, and well-thought-out performance evaluations risk frustrating goal-minded employees, which could result in them seeking employment elsewhere.

The last essential software solution you need in your HR stack is a performance management solution. A cloud-based performance management solution allows managers to track the performance of employees throughout the year, which means no surprises for managers or employees when it comes time for annual performance reviews. By eliminating the need for paper documents that need to be routed across town via inter-office mail, you’re able to complete your employee evaluations faster, keeping employees happy and motivated.

If you’re ready to ditch your paper-based document management processes and free-up the hours you’ve been spending maintaining spreadsheets, then it’s time to implement a government HR software solution. Worried about the implementation process? Don’t be. Click below to learn how to implement a government HR software, stress-free.

Learn How to Implement a Local Government HR Software Solution