5 Ways to Leverage LinkedIn for More Than Job Ads in Talent Management

Written by Jessica Marabella

Raise your hand if you use LinkedIn as part of your recruitment strategy. Now, keep your hand in the air if you do anything else in LinkedIn other than posting job ads. I’m envisioning that your hand just went down, but don’t be discouraged. You’re not alone. At its core, LinkedIn is a social networking tool that aims to help passive and active job seekers to advance their careers, and help employers find quality candidates. What better way to accomplish this than by utilizing the tool’s job posting functionality?

What many of even the savviest human resource managers don’t realize, however, is that LinkedIn offers many opportunities to find quality talent, if you’re willing to look beyond the job post. In fact, we’ve got five ways you can be leveraging LinkedIn to help with your local government job search that you can start benefitting from today to up your game.

Let’s Cover the Basics

If you’re not using LinkedIn today in any capacity as part of your employee recruitment strategy, you should be. Before we discuss our advanced recommendations, we don’t want to overlook the basics of what makes LinkedIn so valuable.

Now more than ever, passive, and active job seekers are starting their job searches online. According to DMR, 56 percent of today’s job seekers are using social professional networks such as LinkedIn to search for employment. For local government hiring managers, that means LinkedIn offers a direct channel to talented, engaged job prospects looking to make a difference in communities like yours.

Talent Management Via Social Connections

LinkedIn reports that 467 million users have created profiles on the social media platform. Compared to other social media sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the most highly utilized social media platform for job seekers. Consider these talent acquisition statistics provided by LinkedIn researchers:

  • The top channels people use to look for new jobs are online job boards (60%), social professional networks (56%), and word of mouth (50%)
  • Over 75 percent of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision
  • New employees sourced through LinkedIn are 40 percent less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months
  • LinkedIn-influenced hires are two times more likely to be high demand and above average hires

Given the value that LinkedIn poses for sourcing quality hires, make sure you’re posting your open positions to LinkedIn, either manually or in integration with your human resource management software, but don’t stop there. Maximize the potential of this job sourcing social site, with the following five recruitment methods.

Method #1 Network Through Your Employees

A value that LinkedIn offers over other job boards like Monster and Career Builder, is through the inherent networking aspect of the platform. According to DMR, employers can expand their talent pools 10 times by recruiting through their employees’ networks. Job seekers are more likely to consider an opportunity if the company is endorsed through a personal connection, making LinkedIn a powerful resource for seeking both active and passive job seekers.

Civic Tip: Encourage hiring managers, department leaders, and even council members, to share job posts to their own network of followers. Not only will it help to amplify the reach of your posting, you’ll be more likely to source a reliable referral.

Method # 2 Actively Search for the Ideal Candidate

If you have a job opening, you should have a performance profile that goes with it that outlines exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate relative to years of experience, qualifications, and skills. The ideal hire is out there, so go find him/her. LinkedIn allows employers to conduct customized candidate searches. Target your search by location, employment history, job title, and other impacting factors.

Civic Tip: If you don’t find the one right away, you can set up a search alert for your profile to notify you about candidates that fit your requirements—ideal for more lengthy candidate searches.

Method #3 Join Discussion Groups

You don’t want a doer. You want a thinker. A visionary. Someone who will be motivated by end results, and not just emptying out an in-bin. One place to find such leaders is in LinkedIn group discussions. Join a group that is relevant to the position you’re hiring for, and monitor the discussions to see who’s a stand-out contributor with ideas, initiative, and personal goals.

Civic Tip: The group member with all the advice, tips, and stories of successful achievements is the one you’ll want to message with your job listing and ask for a screening phone call.

Method #4 Stay in Touch with Former Employees

There are a variety of reasons that people choose to leave a position, however, people change, and so do administrations. There may be former employees who are ideal for open positions. You just have to find them and encourage them to come back to your local government.

Civic Tip: Stay in touch with all employees who part with your administration on a positive note via LinkedIn. That way, if you have an opening and think a former employee that you were sorry to lose may be a good fit (again), you can check their status in LinkedIn. If they are still local, consider messaging them to encourage them to apply to your open position.

Method #5 Make Sure Your Community’s LinkedIn Profile is Keyword Optimized

Active job seekers are likely to search for open positions using keywords. Make sure your community’s profile uses relevant keywords, such as community, local government, public sector, civil service, etc. to attract individuals interested in community service or local government employment.

Civic Tip: Be prepared to respond to LinkedIn In Mail you’ll receive from job seekers who have found your profile and want to ask questions about open positions or submit a resume for future consideration.


40 percent of LinkedIn users utilize the social media platform daily. That means LinkedIn is full of millions of qualified, engaged job seekers looking for a career that will offer them a meaningful career path. In other words: they are searching for your available position. By taking your LinkedIn strategies a few steps further, you can maximize the potential of the LinkedIn job pool to find the next great addition to your local government administration.

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