8 Benefits of Online Job Applications in Government HR Software

Written by Jonathan Wiersma

The ways that job seekers interact with employers has changed. As our expectations have shifted to wanting immediate access to on-demand content, job seekers are starting—and finishing—their job searches online. You likely already know many of the benefits of online job applications, but if you’re still not ready to replace your paper applications with online versions, we’ve got eight more benefits of choosing a government HR software solution that offers an online application component.

1. Online Applications are Sharable. “Saw this job listing and thought of you.” Such text, email, and social messages are happening more each day as active and passive job seekers increasingly refer friends and family to online applications. Digital solutions are shrinking our world, making it easier for us all to stay inter-connected, which means the greater likelihood that your next new hire will find your job posting from an online referral.

2. Online Applications are Trackable. Online applications mean digital data collection. To optimize your hiring strategy, you need to know where applicants are seeing your job postings, and how they obtained your application form. Such quantitative data collection is nearly impossible when your application process is paper-based. A valuable HR software for government should include reporting capabilities relative to candidate sourcing, and a variety of other career portal metrics.

3. Online Applications Automate Submission Validation. “Thank you. Your application has been received.” These are the words that candidates want to read after submitting an application. If their only option is to mail in a paper application, however, you can expect many will call or stop in to confirm receipt. Online applications give candidates peace of mind that their application will be reviewed, without adding walk-ins or phone calls to our already busy day.

4. Online Applications Streamline EEOC Compliance Reporting. Local government human resources are expected to comply with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1) compliance regulations. The process of manually creating mandated reports based on paper applications could result in hours of time annually that you and your team don’t have. With online applications and integrated reporting capabilities, that hours-long process can be completed in seconds.

5. Online Applications Allow for Electronic Communications. An applicant who submits a paper application may be expecting a phone call as a next step, but in today’s digital-first society, online applicants are expecting to hear from you via email as a first step. If your applicant tracking system allows you to automate follow-up communications, such as notifications that the candidate has not been short-listed for an interview, you can feel confident you are communicating with applicants effectively, and as expected.

6. Online Applications Allow for Pre-Screening. How do you validate if your applicants meet baseline criteria? If you’re using paper, you’re likely reading individual cover letters and resumes—all of which are formatted differently—to manually pick-out the keywords and phrases you’re looking for in a new hire. With an online application that feeds your applicant tracking software, this process can be automated, saving you time, and ensuring candidates passed off for supervisor review are meeting baseline proficiency skill requirements.

7. Online Applications Keep Data Secure. A lost, misplaced, or misrouted paper application could mean a breach in applicant personal identifiable information. With a secure online application solution, you can remain confident that applicant data is secure and backed-up.

8. Online Applications Allow You to Expand Your Applicant Pool to Include Passive Job Hires. With a paper-based system, you’re likely only going to hire a candidate who actively submits his application as part of the current round of resume submissions. Yet, what about that candidate from a few months ago who wasn’t quite the right fit for another position? He may be perfect for this opening, but you can’t find his paper application or remember his name… This type of missed opportunity won’t happen with an applicant tracking system that allows you to search for qualified candidates from previous online applicants.

If you’re ready to ditch paper and take advantage of the benefits of an online application process, calculate what you could stand to save with our ROI calculator.

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