Don’t Be Afraid to Implement Human Resources Technology (HRIS)

HalloweenHandsHalloween isn't the only thing that's right around the corner. It’s also the time that HR professionals brace themselves for the spooky "end of quarter budget wrap-up" that lies just on the cusp of the upcoming hiring frenzy. Yes, it's a special time of year and the CivicHR team feels your pain.

No doubt you’ve been watching webinars, hopefully demoing products, reading white papers, and attending conferences advocating the benefits of HR technology. For some HR professionals, there is nothing more frightening than HR Tech. Even a tickle fight with Freddy, Jason, Chucky, and any of today’s modern horror movie villains would be more preferable than installing a new piece of software.

We’re here to assure you that you have nothing to fear.

Really. It’ll be okay.

No matter the size of your company, implementing HR software is crucial for ensuring workforce growth, data collection for staffing and performance management, and tracking compensation and benefits activities. Although software can occasionally be intimidating at first, employing an HRIS can be a smooth transition with a bit of preparation and the right approach.

So we know that this may sound ominous, but if you consider the rapid advances of technology in every bit of our lives, isn’t it time that the HR department gets in on this action? Given the benefits, both in time and money saved, it truly is time for the industry to be brave.

Getting over the fear factor of adopting new software is necessary. We’re here to helpCivicHR, a product of CivicPlus, is the only software specifically focused on helping governments recruit, hire, and engage employees with personalized customer service and easy implementation.

Let’s hear from you! Does the idea of implementing HR technology frighten you? How could HR tech make your job easier?  



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