Don’t Be Afraid to Implement Human Resources Technology (HRIS)

Written by CivicPlus

Human resource managers in local government are facing tighter budget restrictions than ever before. If you're finding yourself slow to fill vacancies in your administration due to the time-consuming nature of your paper-based application and hiring process, but fear a software investment is too costly, know that going paperless will actually save you time and money, giving you the positive ROI, and the top talent you need to move your community forward.

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No matter the size of your community, implementing employee management software is crucial for ensuring workforce growth, data collection for staffing and performance management, and tracking compensation and benefits activities. Although software can occasionally be intimidating at first, employing an HRIS can be a smooth transition with a bit of preparation and the right approach.

In St. Charles Parish, Louisiana, the HR team in the community's Sheriff's office  was utilizing a paper-based, manually intensive system of submitting job ads, reviewing applications, and tracking candidate hiring statuses. When the team decided it needed a digital solution that would free up their time and enable more efficient talent recruitment and hiring workflows, they turned to CivicHR® part of the CivicPlus® integrated technology platform for local government.

Now that the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office’s Human Resources Department is utilizing a cloud-based, automated ATS solution, Mecum, Pellerin, and White are able to expedite the hiring process and are spending less time making copies and tracking down applications.

“Managing and tracking candidates is so much easier without paper,” said Mecum. “Now, with CivicHR, we can get applications to hiring managers faster.”

Considering the rapid advances of technology in every bit of our lives, isn’t it time that your modern municipality advances its processes to attract top talent? If you're ready to start the process of moving from paper-based to paperless, download our white paper to learn best practices for implementing a local government human resource software solution.

How to Implement a Local Government HR Software Solution