The HR File Room | How to Find & Hire Great Employees

Jester In today’s economy, hiring the best people is more critical than ever. Organizations can’t afford to lose time, money, and results from a bad hiring choice.

A recent article by David K. Williams pegs the cost of a single bad hire at anywhere from $25,000–$50,000. The cost of finding, interviewing, engaging, and training new employees is high. Employees also require desks, computers, phones, and related equipment. And then there are the highest costs of all – salaries, benefits, and taxes.

HR leaders view new employees as an investment and anticipate an excellent financial return over time. Forbes Magazine published an article outlining the 7 C's – seven categories you should consider to find the best new employees.

Here are three of the 7 C’s to consider:

  1. Competent  Does the potential employee have the necessary skills, experience, and education to successfully complete the tasks you need performed?
  2. Compatible  Can this person get along with colleagues, and more importantly, can he or she get along with existing and potential clients and partners?
  3. Culture  Every business has a culture or a way that people behave and interact with each other. Does this applicant reflect yours?

You can read the full article to learn more about the 7 C’s and download the e-book, 7 C’s of HiringYou can also read more about the impact of a bad hiring decision in the recent CivicHR blog article, The Real Cost of Hiring the Wrong Local Government Employee.

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Let’s hear from you! Do you agree with the 7 C’s? Do you struggle to find applicants that meet your needs?


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