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What are the Most Outrageous Answers to Your Interview Questions?

Interviewing can be a time-consuming process for HR professionals and hiring managers, but it’s a very important and necessary part of the hiring process. Interviews play a key role in determining if an applicant and an organization are the right match. The questions that you ask in an interview should help you learn more about the applicants, and allow you to carefully choose the best match for your local municipality. However, no matter what questions you ask, you may still receive answers that will surprise you while conducting an interview.

If a candidate provides you with such candid (but concerning) responses as any of the ones below, you can safely consider it a red flag that the individual may not be the serious, goal-oriented, civic-minded individual you need to better your team.

Here are a few interesting interview answers that we’ve heard from human resource experts:

The Confession of Illegal Activity

“I was fired, but it was only a misdemeanor charge, not a felony!”

A Truth of Theft

“I stole a few things from my last job, and now I need money to replace the equipment.”

The Relationship Sob Story

“I need a job because my boyfriend moved out, so I have to pay the rent now.”

The Parent Reference

“Call my mom, she will tell you how I always finish everything on my chore list.”

The Drug Test Concern

“If I am offered the job, how long will it be before I need to take a drug test?”

The Inappropriate Question

“How much do you get paid? I want to know the earning potential after I am promoted.” 

The Candidate with Somewhere Else to Be

“Are we almost done with the interview? I have somewhere that I need to be in ten minutes.”

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The interrupting Phone Call

(Cell phone rings) “Can we pause the interview for a minute? I need to take this phone call.”

The Car Pool Request

“I don’t have a car. Can you pick me up on your way to the office?”

The Background Check Concerns

“Will you be doing a background check? Does it show all criminal charges or just the big ones?”

The Inappropriate Relationship Confession

“I had to quit my last job because I was having an affair with my boss.”

The Benefits

“I’m only applying for this job because I need the health insurance benefits.”

 Don’t even waste your time interviewing a candidate that hasn’t already been pre-screened for the position, and that you know meets predefined criteria for experience and skills. An applicant tracking software (ATS) can help you speed the hiring process, and help you hire more qualified talent. For more information on the benefits of an ATS, click below to download our white paper. 

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Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark

As a CivicHR trainer, Ryan’s focus is on understanding the needs of local government human resources departments, and identifying ways that the CivicHR solution can help them streamline workflows, and acquire the best talent for their administrations. Ryan has worked with hundreds of government organizations of all sizes and remains committed to continually learning about the latest trends in local government HR and employee engagement to ensure his training courses are as effective as possible. Ryan is also an experienced public speaker, offering educational sessions on improving employee engagement and development in the public sector.