5 Stats that Prove Your Recreation Software Must be Mobile Optimized

Written by CivicPlus

If your parks and rec software isn't mobile optimized, you could be missing critical opportunities for citizen engagement.

You already know that encouraging citizens to get out and get active in your community starts with a promotional strategy that includes online and social. What you may not realize is that your citizens are searching for local government parks and rec programs not just online, but from a mobile device. These mobile-minded citizens are hoping not just to find community-based activities, classes, and leagues, but to complete the online registration process—all from a mobile device.

If your current recreation software is not mobile optimized, you could be missing out on prospective participants. Read on to learn why your recreation management software needs to be mobile optimized.

Nearly 60 Percent of Searches are Completed on a Mobile Device

When your citizens search for everything from community activities and events, to youth league management, they’re doing it from a mobile device more than half the time. When they find your parks and recreation registration information, once enticed, they’ll want to sign up right away to reserve their spot. Ensuring the complete process, from course listings, to registrations, to payment, can be completed from a mobile device will help increase registrations and help you meet your goal of more active and involved citizens.

Four out of Five Consumers Use a Smart Phone to Shop

Most citizens searching for activities online expect to be able to purchase tickets or pay class registration fees from a mobile phone. If the registration experience is not optimized, they’re significantly less likely to make a purchase.

70 percent of mobile searches result in an online action within an hour of the search being conducted.

Mobile researchers and shoppers are motivated to complete transactions. With recreation management software that is optimized to enable online transactions such as registrations and payments, you’ll more quickly and efficiently fill up classes and leagues.

50% of Mobile Users Will Abandon a Web Page if it Takes More than 10 Seconds to Load.

Of those individuals, 60 percent won’t return to the site. Citizens expect reliable, convenient access to information from their local government. A parks and rec software that isn’t optimized for mobile and takes too long to load will turn citizens away, and many will be hesitant to come back. A positive mobile experience is a positive citizen experience and will help build trust with your parks and rec department.

Studies Have Shown a 160 Percent Increase in Purchase Completion with Mobile-Optimized Payments.

Your citizens may be interested in signing up for your summer softball league, but if they can’t complete the transaction from a mobile device, they may never end up coming back to finish registration. Remember, a mobile-optimized parks and rec software solution isn’t just about design. It’s about end-to-end functionality.