Parks and Rec Activities for Those With Visual and Auditory Impairments

Written by Brian Stapleton

Ideas for programs and activities that your rec department can tailor to offer safe and engaging experiences for citizens with visual and auditory impairments.
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Your parks and recreation department serves every member of your community, regardless of race, religion, socioeconomic status or ability. Whether or not you have a formal inclusion policy in place, this is no doubt your commitment. Part of the process of providing equitable and adaptable access to facilities and activities involves the customization of offerings specifically for those living with a physical impairment. Such offerings help these residents to mitigate feelings of isolation and lack of independence that their impairment may create and give them valuable social and physical fitness opportunities.

If your community is looking for new program opportunities for the 2.4 percent of Americans living with a vision impairment and the 11.3 percent living with a hearing impairment, consider adopting some innovative program options.

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