Three Trendy Aquatic Activities For Your Community

Written by Brian Stapleton

Water polo, SUP, and Adaptive Swim are setting new trends in parks and rec programming.
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Public aquatic offerings for local government parks and recreation departments are critical to citizen engagement and department revenue goals. While there may be many ways for citizens to get out and enjoy nature during warm-weather months, including in their personal backyards, year-round access to water and swimming pools, in particular, is limited for most residents.

While there will always be a need and interest for basic swim instruction classes for all groups and age levels, parks and recreation departments that are continually competing against private gym and aquatic center resources must regularly find ways to engage the public in their offerings. One of the best ways to attract participants is through the availability of new and hard-to-find aquatic programming. To determine what is trendy and share ideas to help you make your pools the hottest places to hang out all year long, we polled our parks and recreation service team, many of whom have experience working in parks and recreation departments, for their ideas in trendy aquatic programming. Here’s what they shared.

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