What Does Parks and Rec Engagement Look Like as Communities Recover from COVID-19?

Written by Kathryn Boutwell

Six crucial changes to the citizen engagement model.

14 Virtual Parks and Rec Activities

To Keep Your Citizens Engaged and Active During COVID-19

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Elbow bumps are replacing handshakes, and virtual yoga is replacing hot yoga—but are these temporary measures part of maintaining a flattened curve or a permanent societal shift in how we engage with one another in recreational programming and our community? As cities and counties across the nation begin to take the first, tentative steps toward reopening facilities and office doors, the pressure to keep citizens safe is just as fervid, maybe even more. This pressure means that for parks and recreation leaders creating their summer and fall activity strategies, the issue may not be encouraging citizens to show up, it may be enabling participants to interact with one another and public equipment, safely. In working with parks and rec experts across the country, we are observing six crucial changes to the citizen engagement model for parks and rec departments in our post-pandemic society.

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