CivicReady Enhances Alert Capabilities with AlertMe App and Geofencing

Written by Ryan Strait

The product innovators at CivicReady® are committed to continually enhancing our emergency notification system to accommodate all the channels that citizens use to receive information, and all the technical applications available to target those who could be in the path of danger. CivicReady’s latest enhancements aim to give citizens greater customization when receiving emergency alerts and to target subscribers based on hyper-targeted geolocation capabilities. When used in conjunction with CivicReady’s robust mass notification platform, local governments can provide the most powerful, and customizable emergency alert notifications possible to their subscribers.

The AlertMe Citizen Mobile Application

All CivicReady clients can now offer their citizens free access to the CivicReady AlertMe mobile app. This powerful tool allows citizens to customize and control their local government alert notification settings from their mobile device. By giving citizens such flexibility, they will be more receptive, attentive, and responsive to urgent and emergency community alerts. The AlertMe mobile app allows subscribers to:

  • Sign up to receive notifications.
  • Set notification preferences.
  • Manage group memberships.
  • See all recent community posts.
  • Manage their profile and keep contact information updated.
  • View regional messages near their current location and receive alerts from a set home location—no matter where they are.
  • Enable location services to receive geofence messages.

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The CivicReady Geofencing Module

Geofencing technology allows local governments to establish physical areas as virtual “fences” and target messages to individuals within those areas. Whether you need to warn residents of a local hazard or want to promote a targeted event, geofencing makes it possible to target and reach individuals based on their current location.

CivicReady clients may now choose to add to their solution offering our powerful, new geofencing module. When combined with the geofencing capability of the free CivicReady AlertMe app, local governments can send notifications to any app user within a designated geographic location. Citizens who download the CivicReady AlertMe mobile app and enable location services can be targeted with geofence messages set to be distributed to a specific area on a map using a built-in radius tool.

Simple, Targeted Outreach

Utilizing geofencing technology is as simple as drawing a “fence” around the area of concern on a map. To create a geo-targeted message, simply:

  • Use the built-in radius tool to select the location and size of the area you want to geofence.
  • Select your audience by choosing to send to everyone in the area or specific groups of people.
  • Set separate, customized entry and exit messages based on whether individuals are currently in the location, entering, or exiting the area.

Geofences can be customized to be activated for minutes, hours, or even days, and associated messages can be updated by an administrator any time during the event—helping you keep citizens informed as conditions change. To ensure the effectiveness of your communications, CivicReady displays data showing how many people within the geofence received your message as well as how many entered and exited the area.

To learn more about how CivicReady can help you target your emergency communications to keep citizens safe and informed, click below to sign up for a demonstration of the CivicReady mass notification system.

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