Challenge: An easy-to-manage CMS

Solution: A modern CivicPlus Municipal Website

Result: High-quality digital presence, easy content management, resident self-service

Keys to Project

Citizen relationship management, communication outreach, data management

The City of Thomson and McDuffie County Choose CivicPlus® for Collaborative Content Management Solution

Two is better than one, or at least The City of Thomson and McDuffie County think so. The two entities wanted to give their residents a combined website, and CivicPlus (formerly Municode) helped deliver that vision. Before partnering with CivicPlus­, the website management team wanted to make sure it any content management system (CMS) it implemented would be easy to manage and scalable.

CivicPlus acquired Municode in 2021. Today, Municode's website solution is part of the CivicPlus Civic Experience Platform.


City of Thomson & McDuffie County, Georgia

The City and County's previous website was confusing for staff to manage and residents to navigate, with city departments separated from county departments. This also made the overall structure of the website hard to navigate. For example, their Municipal Court is managed by the Police Department, yet residents thought of it as part of the court system.

To empower residents to more easily self-service their needs using the website, CivicPlus made the Municipal Court a separate department within the court's departments, allowing both the court clerk and police departments to manage the page's content. The new CivicPlus website also allows Thomson and McDuffie County to present combined county and city services. Currently, the entity's leaders are managing a combined fire and emergency management (EMS) website. The website's structure enables multiple departments with separate permissions and contact information to utilize the same sidebar. Information is organized between a mega menu and search bar at the top, buttons in the middle, and a calendar at the bottom after scrolling. Visually, visitors of the website are greeted with rotating images of the community, highlighting its events and scenery.

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