City: Junction City, KS

Population: 23,000

Product: CivicRec, CivicHR

Keys to Project

Modern functionality, administrative efficiency, quality service

Junction City, KS Chooses CivicPlus® for Talent and Recreation Management Software

Junction City, Kansas, tucked, as its name implies, at the confluence of the Smoky Hill and Republican Rivers, embodies the ideals of Midwest values. Its 23,000 citizens have chosen Junction City as their home out of a desire to live in a safe, progressive community where neighbors know one another by name, and people take care of the place they call home.

For the administrative leaders of Junction City, providing citizens with modern conveniences and tools to conveniently engage in the community is critical. In its search for a reliable government software partner, it has found convenient, time-saving solutions for its employee, and recreation management needs from CivicPlus.

“We all know today’s world operates with technology. CivicPlus’ vision is quite ambitious, but I like that that’s your focus because it aligns with today’s trends.”

— Rena Pula, Human Resource Director

Junction City, KS Chooses CivicPlus for Talent & Rec Mngmt Software

Modern Recreation Management

Jim Germann, Junction City IT Director, recalls Junction City’s first CivicPlus software implementation.

“We started with CivicRec®,” said German. “We were using ReCPro, and we had to house it internally. As IT staff, that meant that for anyone to get access, we had to control the firewall. When looking for a replacement product, we wanted something that would be hosted offsite to take a little pressure off our IT staff.”

German reports that since the implementation of CivicRec, the City’s Recreation Department has been extremely pleased with the ease-of-use and functionality capabilities of the CivicRec software.

“I don’t use it every day, but our people who use it love it,” said Germann. “For me, I know we have a good product when I don’t get many calls saying something isn’t working.”

Germann acknowledges that the software benefits the citizens of Junction City as well.

“CivicRec has allowed the public to engage and be able to use our rec facilities a lot easier.”

Streamlining the Talent Management Process

Case Study Junction City KS Finds Efficiency with CivicHR

According to Rena Pula, Junction City Human Resource Director, the biggest challenge that Junction City faced in its recruitment and hiring process before implementing CivicPlus’ CivicHR® talent management software was managing disparate recruitment systems and tools.

“It was just everywhere,” said Pula. “In terms of recruitment and onboarding, it was spread across a big space, so that was pretty challenging because it led to inefficient workflows for us and delays connecting back to the applicant and pushing out information.”

Before CivicHR, Junction City used a combination of discordant paper-based and online tools.

“At the time, we were working KansasHRePartners,” said Pula. “They would go out and push information on positions and city vacancies. We also used Indeed and offered paper applications.”

After implementing CivicHR, a single cloud-based solution for the entire talent management process, from recruitment, to retention, Pula says the City immediately began to benefit from smoother administrative workflows.

“CivicHR cleaned it up,” said Pula. “Cleaner is the best word I can use to describe what CivicHR has done for our City. It has allowed us to streamline processes so that we can have quicker turnarounds in terms of connecting with the public, and it made us more personable.”

Pula recalls her own experience with the application process when she applied for her current position. 

“When I was waiting to come on board with Junction City, every time I would get a message back from other job board websites, it sounded so robotic. I love that CivicHR allows me to customize messages that I can push out to our citizens and applicants to make it more personable. It provides a better applicant experience so they know we’re paying attention and that we’re invested in their journey of looking for a job.”

Switching to CivicHR has further reduced the number of IT support requests for Germann and his team, as well.

“Once we implemented CivicHR, our IT department received a lot fewer questions about why something wasn’t working,” recalls Germann. “And for us in IT, instead of hosting the software in-house, it was a lot less stuff I had to worry about, like people trying to get into the system. I know from an IT perspective I don’t get any calls saying the software isn’t working. I’ll get one occasionally, and I tell the person, ‘you're likely doing it wrong. Call the support team.’”

Exceptional Customer Service

Pula and Germann value the relationships they have built with their CivicPlus service team.

“My implementation consultant has been amazing to work with,” said Pula. “She has been so patient with me. I like to take my time because I’m one of those people who wants to get it right so that when I push it out, I push it out once. I also want to give a shout out to the Technical Support Team—the people who respond to that little help chat bubble. They have been amazing. I’m not an impatient person, but they are just wonderful in their response time.”

Looking to the Future

According to Pula and Germann, the need for local governments to leverage modern software solutions like CivicHR and CivicRec to help them more efficiently manage administrative processes will only grow.

“I believe local government is headed toward more streamlined processes,” said Pula. “We want what everyone wants—convenience. We’ve been working on it, but I think we’re going to continue to do so and do it until we make it so easy that all we have to do is wake up,” she adds will a laugh. “Will software play a role in that? Absolutely. We all know today’s world operates with technology. CivicPlus’ vision is quite ambitious, but I like that that’s your focus because it aligns with today’s trends.”

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