City: St. Charles Parish, LA

Population: 52,812

Product: CivicHR

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Application Tracking System

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Goes Paperless with CivicHR

Home to over 52,000 Louisianans, the history of St. Charles Parish dates back to the eighteenth century. Originally established by German settlers, the Parish straddles the Mississippi River and today offers residents an idyllic community to call home. Known for its high-quality school districts and nearby oil refineries and chemical plants, St. Charlies Parish is the type of community that residents are proud to call home and raise a family.

St. Charles Parish is protected by its dedicated Sheriff’s Office. For Laurie Mecum, Victoria Pellerin, and Keioka White, members of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Human Resources (HR) department, their job is to recruit, identify, and hire the highest quality candidates for employment. They are regularly in search of individuals who will be committed to public service and safety and the protection of the Parish, and that meet the high standards the Sheriff’s Department has already established.

The HR team in Parish was utilizing a paper-based, manually intensive system of submitting job ads, reviewing applications, and tracking candidate hiring statuses. When the team decided it needed a digital solution that would free up their time and enable more efficient talent recruitment and hiring workflows, they turned to CivicHR® part of the CivicPlus® integrated technology platform for local government.

“We faced significant workflow and process challenges with our previous system,” said Mecum. “We would have to copy every single application we received because we could not send an original application outside of our department and risk it not coming back. It required a significant amount of manpower for our department to copy and distribute applications manually, and then track getting them back. It was all done in a spreadsheet.”

— Laurie Mecum, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Human Resources

St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Goes Paperless with CivicHR

Before CivicHR: Manual Workflows and Time-Consuming Processes

According to Laurie Mecum, St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office Human Resources Coordinator, before transitioning to CivicHR, the HR department tracked applicants and managed candidate review and hiring workflows primarily using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Implementation and Training

The CivicHR implementation team worked with Mecum, Pellerin, and White to customize the tool to fit the needs of the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

“The implementation of CivicHR went very smoothly,” said Mecum. “The CivicHR team worked with us to get the system set up the way we needed it to function.”

Mecum and her team appreciated the work the CivicHR implementation team accomplished to create a digital version of the Sheriff’s Office’s employment application.

“We have a very cumbersome application,” said Mecum. “It’s 16 pages long, and we have very specific criteria we need applicants to provide. The CivicHR team was very patient with us and worked hard to set up our application accurately. Every time we asked for a change or an update, our request was addressed. Whenever we’ve reached out to our implementation manager, she has responded right away.”

According to Mecum, once implemented, the CivicHR applicant tracking software (ATS) solution has been easy for all staff to learn and utilize.

“CivicHR is not a difficult solution to operate,” said Mecum. “All our staff members who have been given access to the system have been able to maneuver through it easily. Just today I gave a staff member access who hasn’t had any training yet, and she hasn’t asked a single question.”

Mecum also shared that she values CivicHR’s notes and email communication functionality.

“When we have to email candidates or add documents to their profile, we use the notes feature. We also use the feature to note why we’ve decided an applicant is not moving on in the hiring process.”

After CivicHR: Hiring Automation and Efficiency

Now that the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office’s Human Resources Department is utilizing a cloud-based, automated ATS solution, Mecum, Pellerin, and White are able to expedite the hiring process and are spending less time making copies and tracking down applications.

“Managing and tracking candidates is so much easier without paper,” said Mecum. “Now, with CivicHR, we can get applications to hiring managers faster.”

CivicHR has also allowed the HR staff at St. Charles Parish to more efficiently and affordably recruit candidates.

“Before CivicHR we did not have a channel to post job ads electronically,” said Mecum. “We had to run ads in the newspaper, which was very costly. With CivicHR, we’re now able to reach a broader base of applicants, and have more potential candidates coming to our website to search job opportunities. Overall, we have been very pleased with CivicHR.”

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