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On-Demand Access and Transparency Compliance

Board and Citizen Portal


BoardSync is now CivicClerk, a part of CivicPlus

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With its intuitive organization and transparency features, CivicClerk® makes it easy for you to give board members the personal access they need to view and manage content while giving citizens the convenient, on-demand access they need to remain informed and engaged.

CivicClerk's Board and Citizen Portal Helps Municipalities

Increase Productivity

Increase Board Member

Accessible records in an easily searchable format help board members and citizens find exactly what they’re looking for, and reduce the number of public record requests your clerks facilitate each day. Board members can receive notifications when new content is made available, and can easily review updates online or offline, before, during, or after meetings for ultimate flexibility.

Encourage Public Engagement

Encourage Public

Keep voters engaged on key topics, and gain insight into the issues that they feel matter most. CivicClerk offers convenient, on-demand access to public documents, agendas, minutes, and live and recorded meeting videos, which fosters a better-informed, more involved, trusting community.

Compliance Requirements

Meet Compliance

CivicClerk’s board and citizen portal helps you satisfy public disclosure and posting requirements. On-demand access to documents and video content demonstrates your community’s commitment to open government.

Time-Saving Benefits

  • Live Streaming and On-Demand Video - Increase citizen engagement and participation by sharing live video feeds of your meetings directly from CivicClerk. Our advanced technology streamlines live proceedings and seamlessly integrates all video content directly into your meeting agendas. Board members who miss a meeting can quickly search the meeting video archive, at their convenience, to watch past recordings. Our videos feature clear bookmarking and navigation so viewers can quickly find discussions of interest. Additional fees apply.
  • Subscriptions and Social Sharing - Quickly and easily provide engaged citizens with the updates they want and need. Our Subscriptions feature makes it easy to automatically notify the public whenever new meeting content is available. Instantly share meeting content via email, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Keyword Search and Content Filter - Forget searching through paper files. With CivicClerk’s advanced search functions, you can locate current and past content quickly and accurately by keyword search. Then, download only those agendas, packets, minutes, and supporting documents you want directly from your search results.
  • Integrated Comments and Discussions - Document, save, and refer to key discussions and action items through our integrated notes and comment features. CivicClerk’s powerful search and content filter lets you quickly access comments and discussion summaries from previous meetings at any time, without manually scanning dozens of documents. Save private notes, or provide additional feedback via email to stimulate further discussion and keep initiatives moving forward.
  • Insightful Public Portal Dashboard - CivicClerk’s public portal provides valuable insights into how your voters are interacting with your meeting publications. The Public Portal Dashboard offers a keyword analysis, so you can better understand for what content citizens are searching, while our other user-friendly metrics help you analyze trends and monitor citizen behavior and engagement so you can remain focused on those topics that your citizens find most pressing.
  • Mobile Access to Meeting Content - Board members and citizens can access meeting content from any desktop, or mobile device. Our mobile solutions ensure your municipality meets transparency requirements even when citizens and staff are on-the-go, or out of the office.

Reach your goals with confidence

CivicClerk allows local government administration  to be more efficient. Complete the form below and see if CivicClerk is right for you.