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The Fastest Way to Create Minutes

Meeting Minute Software 


BoardSync is now CivicClerk, a part of CivicPlus

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CivicClerk®’s cloud-based software makes it easy to create, manage, and finalize your board meeting minutes before, during, or after meetings ends. Minutes are automatically generated into PDF and Microsoft Word documents so you can deliver them electronically via board or public portal or in hard copy.

CivicClerk® Meeting Management Software Helps Municipalities

Save Time

Save Time

By automating and streamlining the meeting minute creation and distribution process, your staff will have more time for other key functions, and your board will have faster, more convenient access to meeting documentation.

Improve Transparency

Improve Transparency

Build public trust with access to fully searchable meeting content, including legislative decisions and public meeting videos. Meet municipal transparency requirements while keeping voters engaged and informed.

Enable Accountability

Enable Accountability

Automated follow-ups ensure action items are completed, enhancing visibility, and improving staff accountability, which moves the legislative meeting process forward.

Time-Saving Features

  • Live Meeting Manager - Enable board member remote access to live meetings. While you’re running meetings from one location, board members can view the proceedings live, and vote electronically from any device. Aggregated voting results are then displayed to all participants—live and remote.
  • Easily Record Roll Calls, Motions, and Votes - All meeting actions can be captured in one simple step, reducing duplicative processes. Record meeting actions on your desktop, laptop, or tablet, and easily copy similar motions and votes to other items. Publish to your public portal for easy access and transparency.
  • Electronic Voting - Our powerful, fully-integrated electronic voting system helps build public trust by letting meeting attendees view your finalized vote results in real-time. Conduct clerk-initiated electronic votes from any desktop or mobile device. Once voting is closed, results are displayed and automatically entered into the Minutes modules for total accuracy and convenient transparency.
  • Customizable Templates - Using our agenda software, you can pre-set recurring text and formatting preferences. Every time you utilize your predetermined template, your preferences will pre-fill automatically, saving you time and eliminating duplicative steps. Motions, votes, and speaker information are all customizable with full editing functionality for comments and discussion notes.
  • Flexible Speaker Management - CivicClerk supports board members, staff, and other public speakers by offering integrated speaker and countdown times. The system is flexible enough to allow you to add new speakers before, during, or after meetings end.

Reach your goals with confidence

CivicClerk allows local government administration  to be more efficient. Complete the form below and see if CivicClerk is right for you.