Change is Good. How to Live it, Love it, and Lead it.

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Clerks are essential leaders in local government and are known for their consistency and reliability. However, nothing could have prepared our communities or their leaders for the shifts and changes needed to adjust to an unprecedented global pandemic, many of which were changes to processes and workflows and were technology-oriented.

While some unexpected benefits for staff and citizens have emerged from recent administrative changes—such as the rise of virtual meetings—it doesn’t mean that changes have been easy for those who have established processes and preferences over the course of years or even decades.

If you’re exploring how the past year will impact you and your role as a clerk long-term or hoping to be a positive agent of change among peers who are hesitant to step outside of their comfort zone, this recording will help you:

  • Assess your fears and feelings about change
  • Understand why humans are sometimes resistant to positive change like new technology or processes
  • Identify strategies that you can use every day to lead your organization through change