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Protect Your Data from Cyber Threats

A Platform Safeguarded by a Team of Hypervigilant Experts

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Local governments are increasingly at risk of a cyber attack. Making matters worse, the max attack size is on the rise too, putting local governments that host their own systems at risk of exploitation or lost data. 

As the complexity of cyber hacking continues to evolve, you need a platform safeguarded by a team of hypervigilant experts you can trust. At CivicPlus® we invest $1 million annually on cybersecurity. The benefits of our investment include the ability to offer 99.7% up-time in a tier II data center that is fully redundant. With multiple network providers, burst bandwidth, and live 24/7/365 emergency support, we’re working hard to stay ahead of the ever-changing security landscape.


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Click here to learn more about our security investments and capabilities.

Click here to learn about our expertise in ADA accessibility compliance and the resources we make available to our clients.

Click here to learn about our powerful third-party integration and custom program capabilities.

Click here to learn about our CivicEngage® Mobile app for citizens, or click here to learn about our CivicEngage® MobileAdmin app for local government website administrators.

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