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Citizen Engagement

Engage Your Citizens and Encourage a Discussion

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Notify Me Feature

Citizen Communication Subscription Feature

The Notify Me feature serves as the cornerstone of your citizen communication and engagement strategy. This communication subscription tool allows citizens to subscribe to receive multi-channel notifications on only those topics that matter most to them. Citizens can choose to be notified by email, or text message.

Notify Me Image 1

Notify Me Image 2
Notify Me Feature

Citizens Control Their Communication Preferences

Citizens who are constantly on the go but interested in election news can sign-up to receive election results text messages, while socially-minded citizens who want in-depth updates about community events can sign up for community event email updates. Allowing citizens to choose their communication preferences means important messages have the greatest chance of being received, read, and responded to. Notify Me works seamlessly with the following features and modules:

Blog Feature

Connect to Your Citizens

You have great news to share with your citizens. You’re launching a new community event project and need to spread the word to generate interest and awareness, but how? You know your local media isn’t likely to pick-up your press release, which means you need to tell the story yourself in an impactful way. Using the Blog feature, you have the freedom to tell your story, add multimedia elements such as photos and videos, and then share it across all your available communication channels.

Using the Blog Module

Responsive Blog Templates
Blog Feature

Control and Flexibility

The Blog feature offers an easy-to-manage writing platform for publishing local news and information. The Blog feature provides control and flexibility over user commenting for ease of administration and citizen engagement. Turn on moderated or unmoderated comments to blog posts, or leave commenting off completely—giving you the power to decide how best to engage in dialogue with citizens regarding community topics.

Blog Feature

The Topics that Impact Your Community

Create and post blogs on such topics as:

  • Local news
  • Community events
  • Local elections
  • Community development projects
  • Mayor or county executive monthly updates
  • School district news and events
  • Any other topics important and relevant to your citizens

Through the Blog’s integration with the Notify Me® subscription notification tool, citizens can stay informed on local news and updates by signing-up to receive a notification when a new blog has been posted, further amplifying the reach of your communications.


Blogging Dashboard

Community Connections
Community Connection Feature

Stimulate Community Dialogue

The Community Connection feature is a two-way communication tool designed to allow citizens to contribute in their communities and interact with one another. Community Connection allows local governments to offer a controlled, hyper-local community forum that citizens control. It allows citizens to create groups and invite friends and neighbors to discuss topics that matter most to them, such as:

  • Little leagues
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Book clubs
  • Knitting circles
  • Etc.

Community Connection Feature


Citizens can choose to make their groups public or private, but they are operated outside of municipal administrative control, proving to citizens that their local government has no agenda in offering the online forum service, which builds trust and appreciation. 

Imagine all the ways that the Community Connection feature can stimulate citizen engagement in your community. For example, if a proposed school board project has the potential to impact student bus routes, your citizens need a forum to discuss the pros and cons. Community Connection gives them a sanctioned, and secure forum to have such dialogue.

Municipal administrators are only notified if a group member flags a comment as inappropriate, allowing administrators to ensure citizen protections, with minimal interference or oversight.

Community Connection

Community Voice
Community Voice Feature

Gain Citizen Feedback

Like the Community Connection feature, the Community Voice feature is a two-way communication tool designed to allow citizens to contribute in their communities and interact with one another. Community Voice provides municipalities with a platform for soliciting citizen feedback on community topics. It is a designed to gain input from citizens through defined initiatives as well as citizen-inspired initiatives.

Community Voice offers four predefined initiatives as a place to begin soliciting dialogue:

  • Community activity ideas
  • Economic development ideas
  • Infrastructure and environment improvements
  • Quality of life improvements

Community Voice Feature

A Platform for Citizen Ideas

Community Voice is your direct access to citizen and voter ideas, feedback, suggestions, and concerns that can help shape public policy and community initiatives. It can be used to gain valuable insights for such topics as comprehensive planning, new ordinances, park improvements, bike lane planning, funding, or any other topic that requires valuable citizen feedback.

Imagine the power such a tool can have when your administration is considering, for example, a local park project. You know you need to gather citizen feedback, but how? Would you pay to print and mail paper surveys and hope enough citizens mail them back? Would you spend the time and resources to initiate phone surveys? Try to coordinate a public meeting and hope for high attendance? Community Voice allows you to gain citizen feedback on your park project without investing extra time or resources on survey tools or public forums.

Community Voice

Alert Center
Alert Center Feature

Time-Sensitive Alerts

Communicate important information to citizens quickly and efficiently by integrating the Alert Center feature into your CivicEngage website. The Alert Center allows administrators to post important information in a highly visible position within a CivicEngage® website, and send detailed, immediately relevant information from a single interface.

Alert Center Feature

Amplify Your Reach

How do you communicate potentially disruptive news to citizens today? If parking on a main road is temporarily closed to allow for road maintenance, how do you notify your community? Do you call your local media outlets and ask that they report the closure? Post the update to social media and hope your group of followers shares the message with friends and neighbors? What direct channels are available to you?

The Alert Center feature enhances your communication workflows and enables greater reach of important information by more directly and immediately reaching citizens.

Alert Center

Alert Center
Alert Center Feature

Alert Subscriptions

The Alert Center integrates with the Notify Me® communication subscription feature to allow administrators to send a single message to subscribers using multiple channels. Use Alert Center to send your message to citizens using email and text message notifications to maximize your reach and ensure important information is easily accessible by as many citizens as possible.

The Alert Center is an effective communication tool for use in times of such non-life-threatening events as:

  • Road closures
  • Parking alerts
  • Water main breaks
  • Mild weather alerts
  • Boil water advisories

My Account Feature

For Your Social Citizens

The My Account feature adds a social media component to your civic website. It allows site users to create their own profiles and participate in site-wide interactive dialogue with one another, as well as with site administrators. Citizens can communicate directly with each other via message, post ideas, and share suggestions. Site administrators have visibility into the use of the My Account feature, lending valuable insight into the site content and topics that matter most to citizens. 

This powerful tool allows your citizens to collaborate and have their ideas and concerns heard by their local government administrators. Imagine the power of such a tool the next time your administration plans a park renovation, road work, or approves a new commercial property development project. My Account proves to citizens that their local governments wants them to be engaged, and it gives you and your staff immediate access to citizen commenting.

My Account

My Account
My Account Feature

Security and Protection

When creating an account, citizens are only required to submit their:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

No other personal identifiable information is required, reassuring citizens that their privacy is protected while using the site.

By creating their own account, citizens are also able to save their progress when completing online forms, check on the status of items submitted via the Citizen Request Tracker (CRT) tool, and make facility reservations—allowing your civic website to serve as a trusted, secure channel for citizen service requests and interactions.

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